Hardy Reflects on ACM Awards Win: ‘Highest Honor I Could Ever Receive’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Bridget BENNETT / AFP) (Photo by BRIDGET BENNETT/AFP via Getty Images)

After scoring the Songwriter of the Year Award at the 2022 ACM Awards on Monday (March 7th), country singer and songwriter Hardy took to his Instagram account to share his thoughts about the special recognition. 

“I moved to Nashville to be a songwriter. And this is the highest honor I could ever receive,” Hardy stated in his post about the ACM Award. “Thank you to every single person who helped me get here. I love you all. God is good and God bless COUNTRY MUSIC.”

Prior to winning the award, Hardy previously spoke about being nominated for the ACM Award. “When I found out I was nominated, the night before. I’ve been out with Morgan Wallen on the road. I was extremely hungover and I woke up a little later than I usually do. I checked my phone and I had like 100 texts that just said, ‘Congratulations.’ And I had no idea what that was about. So I had to scroll forever to find out it was for the ACM noms.”

The singer and songwriter goes on to add that he thought it was funny and he had no idea about the nominations. “I didn’t know I was going to be nominated I didn’t even have a hunch and no one told me I might be nominated. So it was very cool and a nice surprise.”

Hardy Shared His Thoughts about the ACM Awards Hosts

While sharing his thoughts about the ACM Awards hosts, Jimmie Allen and Gabby Barrett with Dolly Parton as co-host, Hardy declared, “Jimmie’s gotta have some jokes. He’s a funny guy. He better have some jokes. I’m going to be mad at him if he doesn’t. And Dolly is kind of a jokester too. That’s my favorite part. I remember a while back, I think Paisley or somebody did. I can’t remember who hosted, but there was a little bit of roast of a few of the artists.”

Hardy noted that he’d like to see the roasting come back to the show. “I think that that’s funny. But I’m excited. Good for them! It’s a huge honor to be such a young artist. And to get that position with such an icon like Dolly. That’s so cool.”

In regards to his 2022 career plans, Hardy revealed that he is going to tour with Morgan Wallen until the end of September. “We are three weeks into the tour now and the shows have been insane. I’ve got some music coming out. Possibly a lot of music coming out. And hopefully, in a perfect world, [my fiancé and I will] be able to get married sometime. Maybe end of October, early November.”