Hardy Surprises Fans With New Song, ‘Sold Out’

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

HARDY saw a major career milestone last week when he won the Songwriter of the Year Award at the 2022 ACMs. That said, March is promising to be an especially memorable month for the star as HARDY just dropped his brand new song, “SOLD OUT.” And if you’re looking for some of the singer-songwriter’s classic sound, from hits like “REDNECKER” or “4X4,” look elsewhere Outsiders, because, given the categorization country-rock, it leans full-on rock. Check it out.


While HARDY might still be the “same old redneck” when it comes to character, he sure “don’t give a damn” when it comes to labels. HARDY debuted with HIXTAPE: Vol. 1 in 2019 followed by A Rock in 2020. And while “Give Heaven Some Hell” is currently earning Outsider love on country radio, “SOLD OUT” starkly contrasts from any of his previous hits.

The lyrics to “SOLD OUT” feature a lot of the popular subjects, values, and themes we’ve found in HARDY’s country music. In fact, the second line of the song references his Mississippi roots. However, the instrumentals, combined with HARDY’s hoarse, growling vocals, make “SOLD OUT” a rock song from the first chords.

For longtime country music fans, fond of the genre’s twang and simplicity, “SOLD OUT” could be a major adjustment, potentially dividing some audiences. However, from the get-go, HARDY’s made it clear that he’s not one to follow the crowd and for Outsiders planning to see the country star in concert this season, it will definitely be interesting to see the rock song performed live.

Morgan Wallen Thrilled to be Touring with Hardy

Although HARDY promises to remain the outcast in the lyrics to “SOLD OUT,” it was actually Morgan Wallen that briefly spent time outcasted from country music last year. Controversial comments, which were caught on film, saw the young country star banished from the genre, however, with his hit album, Dangerous: The Double Album, Wallen found his way back to the top. And now, it seems the “Sand In My Boots” singer is simply content to be back on tour, center-stage with his friend and fellow country star, HARDY.

Morgan Wallen is currently in the middle of his 2022 “Dangerous Tour” with HARDY and Larry Fleet as openers. And most recently, the trio found themselves performing in Grand Forks, North Dakota. While there, Wallen shared an Instagram post, with photos featuring himself jamming out throughout the concert while the last image shows he and HARDY back to back, looking as if they had just flung alcohol over the crowd.

Wallen captured the post with a reference to Wiz Khalifa, writing, “Used to not be allowed in the building, but now we on the rooftop.”

The caption not only mimicks the rebelliousness of HARDY’s brand new song, but it speaks to Wallen’s strife throughout 2021 and his struggle to find his way back into the hearts of country music fans.