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Here’s How to See Your Spotify Wrapped 2022

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Fernando Gutierrez-Juarez/picture alliance via Getty Images)

It seems almost hard to believe that we are already headed into December. This, of course, means the holiday season is fully upon us. It also means that Spotify Wrapped 2022 is ready to drop. For those new to the popular streaming platform, Spotify Wrapped is an annual data-driven list recounting the most popular music and shows we have been tuning in to hear over the last year.

What, Exactly, Is Spotify Wrapped?

Since 2016, the music-streaming platform has been giving its users a yearly update full of insights detailing the songs, albums, and podcasts that they’ve played over the last year. This data follows what the users listened to from January 1 through October 31.

That’s right, if a user has discovered their newest favorite song in November 2022, it will not be included in Spotify Wrapped. Some people speculate that the popular streaming company does this so holiday music listeners don’t skew the results. We all know that one person that goes one-hundred-percent holiday tunes by November, right?

Spotify users are getting email teasers for the 2022 list, encouraging listeners to link to their top songs of the year. And, there are a few ways to access the popular lists, too.

Accessing Spotify Wrapped

For Spotify users who are using smartphones all that is needed to access Spotify Wrapped is the app. The popular streaming platform is adding a section for this option. This opinion is displayed front and center on the home screen. If by chance, a user isn’t finding this it can be easily searched via the app.

Once a user clicks on the Spotify Wrapped option, they are taken to a section of shareable “cards”. Each one of these cards depicts information regarding top songs, favorite artists, listening statistics, favorite podcasts, and most binged shows. The app also gives plenty of suggestions. Providing users with a selection of recent music that they may like, based on the algorithms.

For those who haven’t subscribed to Spotify, it’s still possible to check on the broader stats from the year. In order to do this, all one must do is head over to the Spotify Wrapped website.

According to reports recently released via Spotify wrapped, former One Direction-er Harry Styles is taking the top spot for most streamed Spotify song around the world with As It Was. Furthermore, the ever-controversial Joe Rogan has hit the top spot with The Joe Rogan Experience being named the number one podcast on the popular streaming platform.