Here’s What Tim McGraw Thought When He First Met Faith Hill

by Suzanne Halliburton

Tim McGraw, aside from taking in Faith Hill’s beauty, was struck immediately by another one of her traits when the two country superstars were in the same room back in 1994.

To Tim McGraw, Hill represented warmth, comfort and stability in a chaotic life.

“I knew I had that ­instability and dysfunction in me, from the way I grew up,” Tim McGraw recalled in 2017 in an interview with Billboard magazine. “And when I met Faith, I knew I needed her in my life — to keep me stable, solid and on track.”

But after that chance meeting at the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, it still took another two years before Tim McGraw and Faith Hill to become a couple.

When they initially met, McGraw had a girlfriend and Hill was married. McGraw’s girlfriend saw the obvious attraction. According to McGraw, his girlfriend told him “I don’t want you around her.”

Let’s now skip to 1996. McGraw was prepping for his Spontaneous Combustion Tour. He selected Hill be part of it. And once the music started, the attraction sparked again. And Hill was hesitant.

Tim McGraw Wooed Faith Hill with Southern Delicacy

In an interview with Bobby Bones, Hill talked about when she really knew McGraw was the guy for her. Seems it took some down-home, southern cooking for the boy from Louisiana to woo this Mississippi girl. Tim McGraw made some chicken and dumplings. And he took a plate over to Hill’s house. She hadn’t been expecting him.

“He knocked on my door, and he had a bowl of homemade chicken dumplings,” Hill said of her future husband. “He said, ‘I made these myself. They’re homemade from scratch.’ He had the bowl covered in aluminum foil, and he had a spoon and a fork on top of the bowl. He said, ‘I didn’t know if you liked to eat your dumplings with a spoon or a fork.’”

And, he also brought cornbread. It’s difficult for a Southern man to be more thoughtful when he’s trying to court the girl of his dreams.

Couple Both Had Questions in Childhood

The two also had some similar emotional issues that linked them. Hill was adopted. She told Billboard magazine she used to dream about being Elvis’ daughter. Her parents – Edna and Ted Perry – also had two biological sons.

Meanwhile, Tim McGraw spent the early years of his life thinking his dad was someone else. He found out about his birth father when he was 11. After digging around in his mother’s closet, McGraw discovered his birth certificate. It listed Tug McGraw, the pro baseball star, as his dad. Tug McGraw and McGraw’s mother had a brief fling when Tug played minor league ball in Florida. McGraw’s mother moved to Louisiana and raised her son.

That’s why Faith Hill was so attractive to McGraw. She brought the stability he craved.

Three months into the tour, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill kissed at the end of duets. Within seven months, they were married.

And their lives today, which now include three grown daughters, still is filled with warmth and comfort.

You can see all that in a throwback photo Hill posted earlier this week to wish her husband happy birthday. Or, as she called him “my man.”