How Alan Jackson Honored Wife Denise with 1991 No. 1 Hit ‘I’d Love You All Over Again’

by Jim Casey

Alan Jackson scored his first No. 1 single in 1991 with “I’d Love You All Over Again,” a tune he wrote in honor of his wife, Denise.

Alan released his debut studio album, Here in the Real World, in June 1989. While three of his first four singles flirted with the top of the chart—”Here in the Real World” (No. 3), “Wanted” (No. 3), and “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow” (No. 2)—he didn’t reach the summit until he released his fifth single, “I’d Love You All Over Again.”

Alan’s Lovely Inspiration

Alan released “I’d Love You All Over Again” in January 1991. By March 8, the tune had sprinted to the top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

Alan was inspired to write “I’d Love You All Over Again” in 1987, which just so happened to be the year he celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with Denise. Alan’s first verse left little doubt who the song was about: “Has it been 10 years / Since we said ‘I do’ / I’ve always heard marriage / Made one seem like two / But you’re looking better / Than you did back then / You still make this old heart give in.”

Story Behind the Song

In 2014, Alan performed two artist-in-residence shows at the CMA Theater in the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. During his showcase, AJ dropped some serious insight behind his wife-inspired No. 1.

Alan revealed that he wrote both “Wanted” and “I’d Love You All Over Again” on the same night. They came to him on a rainy evening in 1987, while sitting in a hotel room awaiting a gig in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

With Denise sitting in the lower balcony of the CMA Theater during the artist-in-residence show, the spotlight shined on her as Alan pointed.

“When we moved to Nashville, we didn’t have anything,” said Alan Jackson. “Denise was working, and I wasn’t. We didn’t have a thing when we moved to Nashville. She picked me when I was nobody, so I think she came out pretty good on the deal. And I did too.