How Chris Stapleton Scored Some Major ‘Dad Points’ With His Daughter

by Shelby Scott

When my dad scores major dad points, it’s because he took the time to pour me a decent cup of coffee or cleaned off my car after a snowstorm. However, if you’re Chris Stapleton’s daughter, then your standards may be significantly higher. Fortunately for the country icon though, he’s been able to come through. Last year, when recording “Easy On Me” with internationally renowned artist Adele, the “You Should Probably Leave Singer” took the opportunity to put his little girl on the phone with the popstar herself.


  • Chris Stapleton scores major dad points with his daughter thanks to Adele.
  • “You Should Probably Leave” has been more than a decade in the making.

Chris Stapleton Gives His Daughter the Opportunity of a Lifetime

Adele and Chris Stapleton’s remake of the former’s hit song “Easy On Me” saw significant success after its release. However, we’re sure that, for the country star’s little girl, it wasn’t their duet that left her starry-eyed.

In speaking with Audacy’s Katie & Company, Stapleton shared, “When Adele called me to ask me to do it, I did stick her on the phone with my daughter real quick. I said, ‘Here, talk to Adele real quick.’ I got a little bit of dad points there, I think, so that was fun.”

What made the encounter even more of a win is that Stapleton shared Adele could not have been kinder to his daughter.

“She’s so good at verbalizing and conversing and making people feel good,” he said of his fellow musical artist. “[S]o she obviously was a wonderful conversationalist in that moment.”

A 15-Year Journey to One Song’s Success:

Since Chris Stapleton’s version of “Tennessee Whiskey” reached radiowaves in 2015, the country star has seen success after success, frequently winning awards for singing and songwriting alike.

After releasing his first solo studio album, Traveller, in 2015, his career in country music has remained on an incline. Now, his latest singles include “Starting Over” and “You Should Probably Leave,” the sounds of which contrast starkly with previous hits like “Broken Halos” and “Nobody to Blame.”

That said, if you adore “You Should Probably Leave” as much as I do, then you should probably thank Chris Stapleton’s wife, Morgane Stapleton. Because, according to CMT News, it’s been well over 15 years since the country artist wrote the song.

In speaking with the outlet, he shared that the hit single is well over 15 years old, and actually recorded it on an album even before Traveller in 2015. However, the early album never saw release. After that, he claimed the song just never fit on any of the following albums.

“When we got to this record,” Stapleton explained, “my wife was like, ‘You’re putting this on the record…So, if you like it, thank my wife.”

Following its release, “You Should Probably Leave” reached No. 1 on both Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart and its Hot Country Songs chart.