How Did Hank Williams Jr.’s Wife Mary Jane Thomas Die?

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum)

The unfortunate news about Hank Williams Jr.‘s wife’s passing has come out. So, how did Mary Jane Thomas die? Early reports have come out. TMZ is reporting that a blood clot is the most likely cause of death. Thomas was in Florida at the time of her death. The Jupiter police department got a medical call to the Jupiter Beach Resort & Spa. She was later transported to a local hospital and pronounced dead. There doesn’t appear to be foul play involved.

What to Know

  • Mary Jane Thomas, wife of Hank Williams Jr passed away on Tuesday
  • The former model was at a spa in Jupiter, Florida when police and first responders were called
  • How did Mary Jane Thomas die? The likely cause was due to a blood clot
  • Thomas and Williams Jr. were married in 1990 and had two children, Katie Williams-Dunning and Samuel Williams

It seems that the Williams family cannot avoid tragedy. The latest news of Mary Jane Thomas’ death is sad and tragic. Back in the day, Thomas was a model for Hawaiian Tropic sustain lotion. She apparently met her husband at one of his shows in 1985, Washington State. After knowing one another, the two hit it off. Then, in 1990, they got married.

They ended up having two children together. Katie and Samuel. Unfortunately, in more recent days, the family has been marked with tragedy. It was just in 2020 when Katie, their daughter, died in a car wreck. There has been some recent controversy involving Samuel and his father and half-sister as well in the last month.

Mary Jane Thomas was a fairly private person, especially considering who she was married to. Things weren’t always easy for the couple, in 2007 they split up, but by 2011 they had worked things over and got back together. At the moment, the Williams family has asked for privacy during this time.

Hank Williams Jr.’s Family Dealing with Death and Controversy

This cannot be an easy time for the Williams family. Especially after the news that came out last month from Sam, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter came out and announced he had been put under a conservatorship. Following the death of his sister Katie, Sam went through a really hard time.

“I am under a conservatorship,” Williams said via handwritten signs in a since-deleted video. “My father, half-sister, and a lawyer place me in it abruptly-in August 2020. 55 days after my sister’s tragic death. I want out.”

There isn’t a lot of information, or any really, about the conservatorship. However, the story came out following the news that Britney Spears had successfully gotten out of her own conservatorship. There has only been word from Sam, and not a whole lot since.