How Eric Church is Trying to Fit ‘Heart & Soul’ Songs into an Already Packed Setlist for 2021 Tour

by Jonathan Howard

Eric Church is out making his Gather Again Tour the best it can be. Part of the preparations includes getting a setlist together. When you have a career as long and illustrious as Church, it can be difficult to get the right songs together. Fans want to hear all the classics, but they also want to hear the new favorites. Finding a balance there and in the mention of the show is a delicate process.

Recently, Chuch released a video giving a behind-the-scenes look as he and his team get ready for the upcoming tour. It is going to be a big one, and the country music star seems excited to get back out and “Gather Again soon!”

In the video, Eric Church and his team are sitting in a meeting with a whiteboard and other materials. Clearly, they are looking over the list of potential songs. Building a story, a theme, a journey, is what makes live music so powerful. Knowing when to ramp things up and bring them down. Throw in the fact that Heart & Soul is packed full of songs. So, the decision is a bit hard to make.

“The hardest thing I’ve done thus far in my career is this setlist. Because you have 28 songs…it’s not a normal record, it’s three,” Church said about the experience.

Getting those new songs in is important to the show. There is also that feeling that Church and his crew want to give each crowd a different experience. There won’t be any cookie-cutter shows. St. Louis is going to be different than Nashville. That is just another dynamic that Church is focused on ahead of the tour.

Eric Church Wants to Make Old Songs New

Not only does Eric Church want to perform the hits for his loving fans, but he also wants to bring something unique to them. Being challenged with such a long catalog of new and old songs will hopefully make for a creative show. Fans are going to be excited to see the entertainer of the year nominee take the stage as the summer comes to an end and fall begins. Church himself seems excited.

“It’s the most musical we’ve ever been. I think to see the way the new music happens in the show is something I’m excited [about]…”

So fans should expect a fun and interesting performance. While he slowly builds the stage design, lights, and more, the setlist is going to be so important. Getting all the right songs will make the overall experience so much better. Live music can be a religious experience, getting the details right is what is most important.

New songs, old songs, all Eric Church. It is going to be great to Gather Again.