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How Reba McEntire Approached Dolly Parton to Collaborate on ‘Does He Love You’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Having Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire on the same track seems like something that should have happened ages ago. Both ladies have been at the forefront of the genre for decades. Today, many fans of the genre revere them as icons, and for good reason. They have two of the best voices in the industry. Furthermore, their voices match almost flawlessly. In short, the universe has been demanding this collaboration for decades.

Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton answered that call on Reba’s latest release. The two icons teamed up for a stirring rendition of “Does He Love You,” and even released a video for their collaboration. COVID kept them from being in the studio together. Luckily, they were able to come together to shoot the video. Watch it below to see two icons at the top of their game belting one of the best songs to come out of this genre in decades. It’s a treat and the fact that they’re obviously having a blast makes it even better.

It was definitely worth the wait. However, it left many people, including Taste of Country Nights, wondering just how this collaboration came to be. Reba McEntire opened up about how she approached Dolly Parton in a recent episode of the show.

How Reba McEntire Approached Dolly Parton

Taste of Country Nights wanted to know how Reba McEntire approached Dolly Parton for their collab. “We just want to know. Did you, like, text Dolly? Did you message her? How did this happen?”

“No no no. I never want to put anybody on the spot like that,” Reba McEntire said. When they started kicking around the idea of doing a remake of “Does He Love You,” Reba and her team knew that Dolly was the “A-number one” choice. McEntire said, “I’ve gotten to sing ‘Does He Love You’ with so many people but never Dolly. So, that was, whoa. That was my dream come true.”

By all accounts, Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton are, at the very least, friendly. Additionally, they’re both icons. However, Reba still went through official channels to get Dolly on the song. “Management went to management. She came back and said yes she’d love to.” About that result, Reba said they were “thrilled to pieces.”

Taste of Country Nights also wanted to know, “Did you think of doing this song with anybody else or was it always just like ‘gotta have Dolly for this’?”

Reba McEntire described the thought process behind getting Dolly on the song. “Let’s try Dolly first. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll go to plan B. But, Dolly was our first choice.”

In the end, the stars aligned and two of the genre’s leading ladies put together a legendary collaboration.