How Reba McEntire Felt About Once Being Asked to Sing ‘America the Beautiful’ at WWE’s Wrestlemania

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/WireImage)

Reba McEntire is an absolute legend in the country music industry. She’s won three Grammy Awards, has 27 certified Gold albums, and has one quintuple-platinum album. Oh, and she also earned an Emmy nod for her role in her sitcom Reba. So why did this hugely successful singer and songwriter perform “America the Beautiful” at Wrestlemania VIII? Well, because they asked her to.

That particular WWE performance took place at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis, IN, on April 5th, 1992. Family Feud’s Ray Combs was the guest announcer. And the infamous Hulk Hogan was one of the night’s champions.

“It was a gig on the way to a gig,” she told Entertainment Weekly back in a 2006 interview. “They asked me to do it in the afternoon, and I did my show that night.”

Then Reba added that she was completely out of her element and was ready to bolt the second she stepped into the arena.

“I was never so ready to get out of a ring in all my life,” she said.

Reba McEntire Explains How ‘I’m a Survivor’ became a TikTok Hit

In more Reba McEntire throwback news, her single “I’m a Survivor” has gone viral on TikTok, and the “Fancy” singer has an idea why.

The single was the opening credits song for her early 2000s sitcom Reba. And, the track was included on her Greatest Hits Volume III: I’m a Survivor album in 2001. The song has made a comeback on TikTok this year, and Variety asked the songwriter what she thought about that. 

“Somebody started it, just doing things at home and looking at the camera and singing, ‘I’m a Survivor,'” she started. Reba McEntire said the trend just took off after that. “We were watching it on TikTok, and it started growing and getting bigger and getting more attention.”

Once it started becoming a “thing,” one of her project managers, Justin McIntosh, said she should record a TikTok singing the hit, too. And, of course, Reba is always down for a good laugh. So, she took his advice.

“So I was out on the farm, and Rex Linn, my boyfriend, had the idea of getting the donkeys involved—Pancho and Lefty. He held the camera up for me to carry my two buckets, and when I set the buckets down and the handles clinked, it kind of scared the donkeys, so they turned their butts to me,” she recalled. “And I looked at the camera, and I said, ‘I’m a survivor.’ Reba and Rex got over 18 million clicks for their stunt.

“So that was hysterical and kind of gave I’m a Survivor a resurgence.”