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How Zac Brown Band’s New Album Cover Tributes His Georgia ‘Roots’

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images)

In Appalachia, we have a saying, “Don’t get above your raising.” Basically, it’s a reminder to not forget where you came from. It’s about keeping your roots and the lessons you learned from your elders in your mind. Sometimes, we get away from where we grew up and start to get above our raising. At that point, it’s time to take a trip home to refresh our memories. With their new album, the Zac Brown Band is doing just that.

The Foundation put them on the map. More specifically, “Chicken Fried” made them a household name among country fans. Then, some fans felt they started to drift away from what initially drew fans to them.

When they dropped The Owl in 2019, the album wasn’t received nearly as well as their debut. In a way, Zac Brown Band got above their raising and some fans took notice. Now, with The Comeback, they’re getting back to their roots in a big way. The lead single from the album, “Same Boat,” sounds like “Chicken Fried” and their fans love it. Check it out below.

That being said, let’s look at how Zac Brown Band’s new album cover reflects their Georgia roots.

Dissecting Zac Brown Band’s Combeback Album Cover

There are some visual similarities between The Comeback and The Foundation. For one, Zac Brown appears on the cover without the band. Additionally, it looks like he has mud on his face on both covers.

However, the cover of Zac Brown Band’s latest album shows Brown coming out of the river. That imagery conjures concepts like baptism and cleansing. One interpretation could be that the band is washing off the last few years and getting back to what made them popular.

There is also a huge hidden meaning that many will miss. Recently, Zac Brown told Taste of Country about his band’s new album cover. “I grew up swimming in that river since I was ten years old,” he said. Brown still goes there when he needs to ground himself.

Then, he revealed the connection between The Comeback and the band’s roots. “I grew up kind of a river rat, so it’s kind of a calling back to our roots, coming out of the Georgia clay and coming out of the river that I grew up swimming in.”

Like many fans and critics, Brown also mentioned how this album is a return to their previous sound. “We didn’t want to be one of those bands where every song sounds the same. But, I think it’s been long enough that we can circle back to some of our roots.” It seems to be working. “Same Boat” is their first hit single in four years.

No one wants Zac Brown Band to be a one-trick pony. However, it’s nice to hear them getting back to their musical raising with this latest release.