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‘I Got a Car’ by George Strait: Story Behind the Hit Song

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Rich Fury/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM)

There are many ways for guys to meet girls. Country music legend George Strait thought he’d talk about one specific way in “I Got a Car.”

In this song, Strait sings about how a car can be used to pick up girls. One example: A guy sees a woman he’d like to get to know, starts talking with her, and the conversation keeps going.

She looks at him and says, “Hey, can we go somewhere?” He responds, “I got a car.”

That is one example from everyday life where people meet one another. Strait put those experiences into the song, which appears on his 2013 album “Love Is Everything.”

George Strait Uses Car As Metaphor For Love, Music

The song itself was written by Tony Douglas and Keith Gattis. As the story rolls on through the song, the man and woman end up having a child.

When they get to a place where the doctor says “it’s time,” the electricity goes out. The doctor looks over and talks with the man, who simply replies, “I got a car.”

Just what does the car stand for in the song? Here’s what Strait had to say about it.

“The car is a metaphor for love but it’s a vehicle to carry the song in,” Strait said with a laugh.

In this clip, George Strait sets the record straight on a lot of the song’s parts.

Strait Admits To Being ‘Nervous’ Before Record Dallas Show

It’s hard to think of George Strait being nervous at all since he’s performed for millions of people.

Yet he admits that before his record-setting final show on “The Cowboy Rides Away Tour,” he was nervous.

The tour, which marks the last time Strait hit the road for fans across the United States, did its final show on June 7, 2014, at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It is the home stadium for the Dallas Cowboys.

It also was named Cowboys Stadium for a bit before AT&T bought the naming rights.

Strait released a live album of the concert where 104,793 fans jammed inside to hear the country music legend.

Strait, Wife Norma Celebrate 48th Anniversary

He and his wife, Norma, celebrated their 48th anniversary earlier in December. They met in high school in a small town in Texas. Their relationship grew deeper and decided to get married, but they took a unique path.

They eloped in Mexico on Dec. 4, 1971. Then, they repeated the process for their parents at a church in Pearsall, Texas, which is south of San Antonio.

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