Is a Garth Brooks Talk Show Potentially in The Works?

by Josh Lanier

Garth Brooks was on Good Morning America Thursday to discuss his new albums when host Robin Roberts posed an interesting question: Should Garth Brooks have a TV show?

Brooks hosted The Ellen Degeneres Show recently, filling in the for the host earlier this month. Roberts was one of the guests on that episode.

“I like this way better than it was last week when you were filling in for Ellen and hosting her show, and you were the one asking questions when I was on there,” she said. “Garth, you’re a natural kid. So, some people are wondering if there is a Garth Brooks show in the works, and if so what would be your tagline?”

Brooks laughed off the question and joked his tagline be something like “party on, Garth.”

While Brooks may balk and blush at the suggestion, it’s an interesting idea. And one that fans want to know. One asked him recently on his weekly Facebook show if he would consider doing a talk show after his stint on Ellen.

“Man it was fun. It was a lot of fun,” Brooks replied about the Ellen show. “Man I did not know it was that much. There was like 8,000 things going on all at once. I have to tell you the crew, the writers, the producers … it takes a whole village to pull that (show) off. She (Ellen) has the sweetest, hardest working people around her. Everyone was very, very sweet.”

If Brooks were to do a talk show, what would it look like?

Photo credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

What Would a Garth Brooks Show Look Like?

Garth Brooks may be the biggest country star of all time. He’s the most successful numerically, by far. He’s sold more than 170 million albums, according to The Independent. And that number is only going to rise with the release of his first studio album in four years, Fun, which drops on Friday. His concert album Triple Live Deluxe comes out the same day.

His success is a mixture of his ability to combine big stadium anthems and honky-tonk country music, all the while keeping up his affable image and down-home charm. That charisma was on full display when he hosted Ellen on Nov. 13.

He’s obviously good in front of a crowd, but he also proved himself to be good one-on-one. He interviewed Roberts and gave a first-responder’s family a $20,000 check. He threw in some music and comedy bits that went over well with the crowd, too.

Most importantly, he looked like he belonged there. It’s a skill set few possess. The ability to look natural and relaxed on camera and make scripted, and often stilted question-and-answer sitdowns with celebrities feel like a conversation between friends.

Aside from his stint on Ellen, Garth Brooks hosts his own weekly Facebook show called Inside Studio G. He started the show in 2016. It’s a stripped-down, direct-to-camera show where Brooks does what he wants. He sings. He offers advice to upcoming musicians. Sometimes he has guests on the show. But it’s easy to see how it could be whipped into an afternoon talk show or a late-night variety act.

While it’s unclear if Brooks will ever get his own TV show, he would have a lot of options if he did.

Aside from his many upcoming appearances to promote Fun, Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood will star in an upcoming CBS Christmas special on Dec. 20.