Is Kelsea Ballerini Teasing Potential Collaboration with Shania Twain in Latest Instagram Posts?

by Matthew Wilson

Kelsea Ballerini may be teasing a collaboration with Shania Twain if her fashion choices are anything to go by. The singer has been posting outfits inspired by Twain’s lyrics.

In one Instagram post, Ballerini wore a pair of cow print boots while making reference to Twain’s song “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under.” In the post, she wrote, “who’s [bed] have your [boots] been underrrr”

In another Instagram post, Ballerini posed in a pair of overalls for the black and white shot. She made yet another reference to one of Twain’s songs “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!”

Ballerini included the song lyric, “the prerogative to have a little fun.”

Fans Reacted to Kelsea Ballerini’s Posts

Fans on Instagram quickly realized Ballerini was making references to Twain. One user wrote, “GO OFF WITH THE SHANIA REFERENCE.” Meanwhile, another commented, “you’re really serving all these shania vibes huh.”

One eager fan asked if the singer planned to cover Twain’s songs. They said, “omg please give us a cover.” 

Both Ballerini and Twain have interacted before. In an interview with SiriusXM in 2018, Ballerini detailed an interaction she had with Twain. Twain came to one of Ballerini’s shows and supported the young singer.

“But Shania, she invited me to come sing with her at Stagecoach last year. And she came out to a show. She Ubered over,” she said. “I swear, Shania Twain Ubered over from Toronto, Canada. She sat in the sound booth. No ball cap, completely normal. Didn’t care that people were taking pictures of her. Came on my bus and took a pre-show shot with me. She’s the coolest.

While it remains unclear if they actually planning a collaboration, it’s clear that Ballerini is a massive fan of Twain and would likely love to team up in the future.