Jack White’s Slide-Guitar National Anthem Performance at Detroit Tigers Opener Has Twitter Sounding Off

by Amy Myers

Detroit native, baseball fanatic and “Seven Nation Army” shredder Jack White kicked off the Tigers’ Opening Day game yesterday with a slide-guitar rendition of our national anthem. While some MLB and White Stripes fans think he absolutely killed it, others weren’t nearly as enthusiastic.

With pastel blue hair and his vintage Kay Archtop guitar, Jack White stood beside his bandmates, Daru Jones (drums), Dominic Davis (bass) and Quincy McCrary. Together, they performed an instrumental version of the national anthem that sounded like it belonged as a bonus track on their latest album.

Listen to their rendition below.

While White and his bandmates shredded the national anthem on the Comerica Park diamond, four Thunderbolt Warthog planes from the Selfridge Air National Guard’s 107th Fighter Squadron flew overhead. Truly, it seemed like the greatest way to kick off the Detroit Tigers’ game against the Chicago White Sox, but the reviews from fans were somewhat mixed.

Detroit Fans Respond to Jack White’s Version of the National Anthem

Many fans that tuned into or attended the game admired the originality of Jack White’s performance. In fact, some Detroit fans are even claiming that the White Stripes’ version of the national anthem was one of the best that they’ve seen in their hometown.

“Okay this Jack White National Anthem is already the coolest rendition we’ve ever had at Comerica,” one Tigers fan wrote.

“Anyone who’s @MLB fan, immediately also became a fan of Jack White in an instant who slayed the National Anthem,” another agreed.

However, others wouldn’t even put the rockstar’s performance in their top 20.

“Hey Michigan, Jack White’s rendition of the National Anthem was average at best. Maybe a C+. So chill out,” an unimpressed Detroit fan wrote.

Another like-minded fan said, “Sorry, Jack White. Your national anthem was booty.”

Who knew a slide guitar could be so polarizing?

White Stripes Frontman Explains Significance of Performing on Opening Day

Despite the mixed reviews from MLB fans, White was still ecstatic to just be standing in the middle of the Comerica field.

Prior to his performance, in an interview with John Keating from Bally Sports Detroit, the White Stripes frontman explained just what it meant to perform the national anthem on Opening Day.

“It feels really good, man. It’s incredibly special,” White shared. “I’ve never played the national anthem before, anywhere, really. So, it’ll be nice to do that for the first time. If there ever is a next time, I want it to be here in Tigers stadium.”

So, just how big of a Tigers fan is Jack White?

“Pretty big, to the point where I have to put a message out to the Detroiters,” he said. “There was a movie called Tiger Town. It was filmed in 1983. Well, I’m in the crowd of that movie.”

Since briefly appearing in the film, White and his mom have been trying to find themselves in the crowd.

“So if anybody out there can find me in the crowd, free tickets to the next show,” White added.

Too bad he didn’t have his blue hair back then.