Jake Owen Reportedly Facing Lawsuit Over Song ‘Made for You’

by Madison Miller

“Like a ship without a sea / Or a song without a melody / I don’t know where I’d be or what I’d do / ‘Cause I was made for you.”

Popular country artist Jake Owen released his song “Made for You” onto his sixth studio album, “Greetings from… Jake.” The song came out in May 2020, however, it was first heard at the wedding for fellow country music stars Michael Ray and Carly Pearce.

Owen had apparently been given the song by a promoter.

Jake Owen Sued Over Song

Now, the country artist is allegedly being sued for stealing “Made for You.” It turns out, maybe it wasn’t made for him at all.

According to TMZ, Alexander Cardinale and Morgan Reid both filed legal documents in Nashville. The documents say that both the lyrics and the title are a knock-off of their 2014 track. This track also has the exact same title.

The document goes on to say, “notes, structure, harmony, vocal style and rhythm are clear indicators.”

Cardinale and Reid had success with their “Made for You” single. The song even appears in a Coca-Cola commercial. It was a part of Cardinale’s album release, “Digital Youth.” Check out the song below:

Cardinale and Reid are claiming that the soda company partnered with them in 2016. Together, there was a collaboration during the “Share a Coke and a Song” ad campaign. The phrase “I was made for you” appears on millions of bottles of Coke at the time. The couple also stated that there was a QR code on the bottles that linked back to their song.

The track was a critically acclaimed song for the duo. Jake Owen also had massive success with “Made for You.” He played it live on an episode of the popular reality show, “The Bachelorette” back in 2019. He went No. 1 with the song.

It’s unclear what the status of the lawsuit is now. Jake Owen has not responded to any lawsuits regarding “Made for You.”

Other Career Moves for Owen

As for other music, Jake Owen recently kicked off the Last Chance Stampede and Fair at the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds in Helena. The popular fair had taken a year off due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Independent Record, the show started off with Jake Owen alongside special guest Lainey Wilson. He performed this past Wednesday evening.

Jake Owen also recently paired up with Caitlyn Smith. The two played a show to help benefit the CMA Foundation. This foundation’s goal is to help create music education programs throughout the country.

Jake Owen performed the show, “Jake Owen & Friends: A Concert Made for You.” It was at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville and also featured Travis Tritt, David Lee Murphy, The Cadillac Three’s, Kendall Marvel, and Jaren Johnston. There was about $5,000 was earned that night.