Jake Owen Rides on Hydrofoil Surfboard in Awesome Photo as He Acknowledges He’s Turned 40

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

Turning 40 can be intimidating for some people. But for country star Jake Owen, it just means another day out on the water.

Owen recently captured both his love for deep blue waters and his milestone birthday in a Twitter post featuring him atop a hydrofoil surfboard.

Many people experience mixed feelings when approaching milestone birthdays i.e. the 30th, 40th, 50th, etc. Regardless, fans wished Owen the happiest of birthdays. They complimented him on his music and his celebration, reassuring him that 40 is not old.

“40 is the new 30,” one fan wrote. “Happy Birthday!” commented another fan. “You will love the 40’s!!!”

Other fans, presumedly already in their 40s poked fun at the country artist, writing, “Welcome!! Be prepared for your body to not recover at all like it used to😂🤙.”

For Jake Owen’s sake and his love for water sports, we can only pray they’re wrong.

Meanwhile, the singer simply captions the post, “40.”

Whether he’s speechless at leaving his 30s behind or simply highlighting the milestone birthday, we can’t be sure. However, what we can be sure of is that, no matter how old Jake Owen gets, Outsiders know they can depend on him and his beachy vibes to bring summer to us year-round.

Jake Owen Celebrates Backroads with His Latest Single

While Jake Owen rings in 40, many of us are still stuck on his early August release. The song, “Best Thing Since Backroads,” leads us to mourn the end of summer as autumn draws nearer. The single, which premiered on August 6th, details the fun found both in summer love and winding backroads.

The song opens with can only be described as “southern guitar” and the rest of the intro provides a familiar (and beloved) country twang. According to the news outlet, the song’s intro reflects the sound of Owen’s 2018 hit, “Down to the Honky Tonk.”

However, when Owen opens with that first line, “I got one that I take to a honey hole/where the bluegill always bite,” I personally can’t help but be somewhat reminded of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s opener to “Fishin’ In the Dark.”

Regardless, the song progresses with a steady rhythm and rolling lyrics that Outsiders can’t help but sing along to. When the song first came out, on the heels of his hit, “Made For You,” Owen said, “It’s always exciting releasing new music. It feels great being back out on the road and bringing happiness to people.”

And while it’s unclear how long country artists will be able to continue playing live as coronavirus cases once again thrive, Owen said, “I always strive to record songs that make you feel good. This one is going to be a lot of fun to play.”

Despite the ensuing potentiality of more major shutdowns amid rising COVID-19 cases, at least country music fans will be able to turn to upbeat, simple tunes such as “Best Thing Since Backroads” to inspire a brighter state of mind.