Jameson Rodgers, Luke Combs ‘Cold Beer Calling My Name’ Music Video Premieres

by Chris Haney

On Tuesday evening, country artist Jameson Rodgers premiered his newest music video “Cold Beer Calling My Name,” which features country star Luke Combs.

The two country musicians released the single back in April 2020. Since the song released, it’s garnered more than 13.3 million listens on Spotify alone. Fast forward 10 months and the duo have just shared a brand new music video to accompany the single.

The concept of the music video is based off exactly what you’d expect from a song about a cold one: beer. The two musicians pose as beer truck drivers working their normal route delivering bottles, cans, and kegs of ale. However, Rodgers is apparently a less than perfect delivery driver. His boss yells at him about three complaints he received about the driver.

After threatening to fire him, Rodgers seems a bit fed up with his job. He and Combs decide not to finish their route and instead go meet their friends for drinks. Rodgers’ friend calls him up and asks him to bring a 6-pack of beer, but the singer does much more than that. In fact, he brings the whole delivery truck full of beer and the guys drink up around a bonfire.

Check out the new music video for “Cold Beer Calling My Name” by Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs below.

Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs Collaborate on New Single

Back in December, Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs shared a sneak peek of their music video shoot on social media. Rodgers posted a couple of behind-the-scenes photos of the pair on Twitter.

“Bringing beer to a town near you w/@lukecombs. #coldbeercallingmyname,” Rodgers wrote, which hinted at the theme of the video.

Rodgers co-wrote “Cold Beer Calling My Name” with Hunter Phelps, Brett Tyler, and Alysa Vanderheym. Following the track’s completion, he knew of another cold beer-drinking country artist who would be the perfect addition to the single.

“It’s a fun, easy song, and I thought it’d be cool to have someone on it. And at the time, I was out with Luke Combs,” said Rodgers to Billboard. “I asked Luke if he’d like to sing on it. I know he’s a cold beer drinker like myself. And, luckily, it worked out, and I’m excited for everybody to hear it.”