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Jamey Johnson Earning Commercial Pilot’s License

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

If you happen to find yourself in or around the Montgomery, Alabama area, Jamey Johnson just might be flying right over your head.

The singer-songwriter hasn’t released an album in a long time. While he says he is working on his latest studio project, he has other things going on. Namely, Johnson has been earning his commercial pilot’s license. And, he has been doing it while going in and out of his hometown of Montgomery.

Montgomery, Alabama is where Johnson grew up from three years old on. The city still has a special place in his heart. “So during the pandemic,” the artist said. “I dropped into Montgomery a few times, especially when I was down there taking checkrides [FAA examinations]. I’ve been doing all my checkrides down there. And while I’m in town, I’ll drop in and visit with some folks and that sort of thing.”

I guess when you have mastered the art of writing country songs, you look for other hobbies to fill the time. Is there any chance another pilot has a longer beard than Jamey Johnson, by the way? Because I’m not sure if that is something that I would believe without seeing it with my own two eyes.

If and when Jamey Johnson gets his pilot’s license he will join a small club of country music singers that can legally fly. Of course, Drunk on a Plane artist Dierks Bentley famously has his pilot’s license.

Jamey Johnson to Appear in New Family Movie

At the end of next week, a new movie comes out and it features Jamey Johnson. The Tiger Rising is a family adventure film that is going to be good for everyone to watch. Dennis Quaid stars alongside Queen Latifah and Katharine McPhee. Christian Convery and Madalen Mills are the young stars the movie focuses around.

Quaid plays a motel manager, Beauchamp. It appears that Johnson is going to feature as a guest at the motel village. And, go figure, the two aren’t going to get along. There has been at least one scene released with Johnson making an appearance.

Hopefully, there is more than just the quick scene for Jamey Johnson in this movie. He seems like he could have great, quippy dialogue and provide more than a couple of laughs. The man sure is talented. From the recording studio to the movie set, and even the pilot’s cockpit. He’s going to do it all.