Jamey Johnson Has New Music On the Way, Including a Charlie Daniels Cover

by Clayton Edwards

It has been a long time since Jamey Johnson put out anything new. His last EP, The Christmas Song dropped in 2014. The next year, he released a couple of singles. “Alabama Pines,” and “You Can,” came out in 2015. Johnson also released a rendition of “America the Beautiful” last year. However, it has been six years since Johnson has given his fans any new original music. It’s like the old saying goes, you can have it done right or you can have it done fast. You can seldom hope for both.

However, it isn’t as if Jamey Johnson didn’t leave his fans with some amazing songs. His 2008 top-ten hit “In Color,” is still as good as it was the day it dropped. At the same time, he has been playing live. In fact, he and Randy Houser did a run together earlier this year. Currently, Johnson is playing gigs around the country by himself. So, he hasn’t left the music world high and dry. On the other hand, six years is a long time to wait.

Jamey Johnsons’ “In Color”

According to Jamey Johnson’s steel guitar player, “Cowboy” Eddie Long, the wait is almost over. He sat down with the folks over at Small Batch Network to talk about a little bit of everything. During that interview, he said that Johnson has a new album on the way. On top of that, it is going to be well worth the wait.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Jamey Johnson Album

The interviewer asked Long what fans could expect from the upcoming Jamey Johnson album. They, and everyone else, wanted to know if the new album had “Jamey written all over it,” or if it was going to be a little different than his earlier work. Long’s answer didn’t disappoint.

“Cowboy” Eddie Long told Small Batch Network that the upcoming album was pure Jamey Johnson. However, they also “went up a level in music.” This means that the songs are a little deeper. After some of Johnson’s earlier stuff, like the aforementioned “In Color,” and especially, the single “High Cost of Living,” it’s hard to imagine his music being any deeper. However, that’s what we have to look forward to.

Long went on to say that this isn’t going to be a commercial record. There are, he said, a couple of songs that are radio-ready. However, that’s not the aim of the project. It’s just going to be a solid release from a great singer-songwriter.

The new album will also contain a couple of covers. However, they aren’t just songs that Jamey Johnson wanted to play. Instead, they are tributes to their original artists. Since Johnson released his last album, much has changed in the country music world. We lost several legends last year alone.

In the upcoming album, Jamey Johnson is paying tribute to at least two of country music’s fallen heroes. For starters, the new album will contain a cover of the Charlie Daniels song “Trudy.” It doesn’t stop there, though. Long also noted that they were working on the album around the time Billy Joe Shaver died. So, they covered one of his songs. However, he did not elaborate on which song they covered.

There is no word on a release date for the upcoming Jamey Johnson album. However, it sounds as if the album is finished and will, hopefully, hit streaming services and store shelves soon.