Jamey Johnson Appears in New Family Adventure Movie: Watch the Trailer

by Leanne Stahulak
(Photo by Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images)

Country star Jamey Johnson can officially add actor to his resume now that he’s starring in the family-friendly movie “The Tiger Rising.”

The new film, which comes out on Jan. 21, also stars Dennis Quaid, Queen Latifah, and Katharine McPhee. The film centers around stars Christian Convery and Madalen Mills, who play two children that find a tiger caged in the woods near a motel.

Quaid, who plays motel manager Beauchamp, asks Convery’s character Rob to look after the tiger and feed it when he’s not around. This causes Rob and his friend Sistine (Mills) to debate freeing the tiger from its cage.

So, where does Jamey Johnson factor into this? You won’t see him in the official trailer for “The Tiger Rising,” which you can find here. Instead, Johnson posted a video of his cameo appearance on Instagram earlier today. Check it out below.

“The trailer for the new family adventure movie @tigerrisingfilm is out NOW. It starts in theaters on January 21. Learn more about the film and where you can see it: www.tigerrisingfilm.com,” Johnson captioned his post.

From the looks of Jamey Johnson’s Instagram video, he plays a disgruntled motel guest. He has a hilarious interaction with Quaid in the clip above, which starts with Johnson’s character asking where the motel’s spa is.

“Spa? Does this place look like it has a spa to you?” Quaid as Beauchamp says sarcastically.

“Sorry to hear about your inadequacies,” Johnson’s character replies in the film. Looks like the Kentucky Star Motel won’t be getting a good review from him.

Were not sure if this is the only time Jamy Johnson appears in “The Tiger Rising” or not. But based on this short clip, we know we’d love to see him butt heads more with Dennis Quaid.

Jamey Johnson Joins Morgan Wallen and Other Country Stars in Headlining Rock the South 2022

Grab your tickets now, country fans, for the annual country festival Rock the South. Earlier, the famous country show’s Instagram account announced its lineup for the 2022 concert series, which takes place Aug. 5-6, 2022.

Aside from Jamey Johnson, the series will also feature Morgan Wallen, Alabama, Hardy, Jimmie Allen, Koe Wetzel, and more. Tickets are on sale now, so make sure you grab yours before they’re gone.

“You asked, we listened!” Rock the South captioned their post when they made the announcement. As we get closer and closer to the festival, which has also been dubbed, “the biggest party in the South,” the festival will reveal more artists. We’ll also see a schedule for which performers take the stage for which day. Stay tuned for more info about Jamey Johnson and other country stars’ plans for Rock the South.