Jana Kramer Details ‘Scariest’ Moment When 4-Year-Old Daughter Got Into Stranger’s White SUV at Park

by Emily Morgan

There’s no stopping a momma bear from protecting her cubs. Jana Kramer is opening up about the experience she had when her 4-year-old daughter vanished at the park.

On Instagram, Kramer described how the ordinary outing quickly turned into one of the “scariest” experiences of her life.

After losing sight of Jolie at the park, terror struck the family. After what seemed like an eternity, the family found an unharmed Jolie attempting to climb into a stranger’s white SUV.

Kramer shared the experience in a post, giving her fellow parents a critical reminder.

Jana Kramer Describes Terrifying Moment Of Losing Daughter

In the post, she included a picture of herself with her daughter. Kramer says she “had the absolute scariest thing happen.” She took the children to the park because “it was a nice day and we needed to get out.”

She said things were completely normal at first, with the family enjoying a nice day of “going down the slides, swinging and having a great time.”

Later, “Jolie met a sweet little girl, and they started running around.”

While Kramer said she watches the children “like hawks,” she described the terror she felt when she lost sight of Jolie.

“I went down the slide with Jace again and I saw Jolie running around again with her sweet friend. Mike was also patrolling too but we both went down the slide with Jace because Jolie was running around,” she recalled.

“But then the next minute a lady walked up to me and said ‘your daughter just got into a white suv.’ My heart went straight to my gut and I said WHAT?!!!”

The mother of two said she “immediately ran as fast as I could to the parking lot.” She said she saw her daughter “coming around the back of the car.”

Kramer said she “clung to Jolie so quick and caught my breath and tried to turn off all the ‘what if’s’ going through my brain.”

Jana Kramer Uses Moment As Teaching Lesson

On a positive note, Kramer disclosed that the experience was “eye-opening.”

“It was an eye opening experience especially for someone like me who is super present. Literally in a blink of a second…that’s how fast a kid could be taken,” she wrote. “Thank God that’s not what happened here and the little girl Jolie was with just wanted to see her mom but it’s a reminder for all of us to stay present. Be aware because they might not end up like today and be watchful like the amazing mom that came up to me.”

Afterward, Kramer discussed “stranger danger” with Jolie. Before the incident, she admitted she “never had the talk with Jolie.”

She added, “I expected her to know she can’t leave without mommy or daddy and plus I was always watching.”

She said she was “grateful we had the talk today.”