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Jana Kramer Drops ‘Free’ White Bikini Pic on What Would Have Been 6-Year Anniversary With Mike Caussin

by Brandi Stillings
(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

Country music star Jana Kramer flaunts her independence and more in a recent Instagram pic! Less than a month after filing for divorce, and what would’ve been their six-year anniversary, Jana Kramer shows off her newly found freedom apart from ex Mike Caussin.

Jana made it apparent on social media that she’s ready to move forward with a positive attitude. Captioning the photo, “Free. And not looking back,” she stands towards the edge of a boat facing the shore and throws her hands into the air. The singer and actress explains in detail how she’s feeling post-break-up.

“I thought not celebrating 6 years today would feel heavy and sad….and though there is sadness in the broken, there is more joy, happiness, freedom and self love than I’ve ever experienced. The weight has been lifted and I welcome the unknown, because there is so much beauty in what’s next,” according to PopCulture.com. She finished her message by encouraging her followers to “Find your strength and set yourself free…”

After filing for a divorce on April 20, Jana recalls what it was like to actually serve Mike with papers. She opened up to the public about the difficult process during an episode of her podcast, Whine Down. She also admitted to being worried about serving him, and then possibly wanting him back.

“I was like he can’t come in this room because the second he comes in this room, I’m gonna probably ask for him back,” she told listeners. Jana confessed to waiting in her bedroom while an independent party served Mike outside the home.

“The addict in me was like, I wanted him so badly to come in that room and hold me and love me and tell me he’s sorry and give me that hit,” Jana Kramer recalled. “I needed it so bad. All I wanted to do honestly in that moment was to run out and say, ‘Never mind, never mind, never mind. Guy, go away. Mike, come here.”

A year after getting married in 2015, the couple separated due to Mike’s infidelity. They then decided to renew their vows in 2017.

Jana Kramer Shows Off Breast Implants Shortly Before Filing for Divorce

Amid the chaos of filing her divorce, Jana Kramer treated herself to new breasts. She posted a topless photo, with her arm covering her breasts, on Instagram for all to see.

According to People.com, Kramer said, “This next chapter, this next me is free,” She added. “She’s happy. Even by herself…”

The 37-year-old mother of two commented saying that she’s finding love again, with herself.

Jana concluded by writing, “I’m ready to be in love with myself, and that includes my body.”