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Jana Kramer Fires Back at Critics After Being Called Out for Her ‘Single Mom’ Comment

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Everyone has their own personal experiences, and sometimes people feel the need to comment.   

This week, actress and country singer, Jana Kramer is learning just how opinionated some people can be. Even in response to one single Instagram post. 

“I read a pretty nasty site that people were hating on me because I said I was a single mom so apparently I’m not allowed to say that,” Kramer wrote in her most recent Instagram post. “But I am single. I am a mom.”

Kramer had recently posted a photo of herself and her daughter, Jolie holding hands while standing on the beach. With the Insta photo, the proud mother wrote a lovely message to her daughter. She ended the heartfelt message with the #singlemom. 

Finding Balance After the Split; Jana Kramer Shares Heartfelt Post For Her Daughter

Jana Kramer and Washington Redskins footballer, Mike Caussin married in the spring of 2015. The couple has two children together, their daughter Jolie, and a son, Jace. 

The couple split earlier this year when Kramer filed for divorce, claiming the marriage was facing its end due to “inappropriate marital conduct, irreconcilable differences, and adultery.”

In the June 18 Instagram post, Jana Kramer’s message to her daughter was one of encouragement. 

“Oh the things I want for you baby girl,” the mother wrote. “I want you to always know your worth. I want you to know you will always be okay no matter what. That you don’t need someone to validate ur worth and that being alone is okay too but that you are also worthy and deserving of a great love. That you are good enough.”

The star finished the message by telling her daughter that, as her mother, everything Jana does is for her children. 

“It’s everything ur momma is working on and I hope one day you can see that what I did and do is always for you and your bother to see what you deserve,” Kramer wrote. She topped the message off with the hashtag “singlemom.” 

Sometimes Definitions Can Be Relative

Apparently for some, this did not sit well when Jana Kramer added another Inta post, this time addressing some negative messages she received for using the #singlemom hashtag. 

“I looked up the definition and it’s a parent who has the kids more than 50%.  So to that website of mean trolls you don’t know me, so don’t be mean,” the mother wrote, ending her message with some kindness to offset the negative. “Come over for a glass of wine and then judge me all you want after u get to know me and my single momness.”