Jana Kramer Reveals She Sold Her Wedding Ring to Pay for Home Renovations

by John Jamison
(Photo by Kelly Sullivan/Getty Images)

There is no single way to handle a long-term relationship coming to an end. People have been known to throw wedding rings in frustration, and some have them repurposed into another type of jewelry. But if you’re former “One Tree Hill” actress Jana Kramer, you’re getting your money’s worth.

And why not? Especially considering Kramer was recently ordered by a court to pay her ex-husband Mike Caussin upwards of $600,000 in their divorce settlement. At the very least, Kramer was able to retain possession of the house. A great asset, but also a place that happens to be full of memories. So instead of staring in sadness at all of the things she once shared with Caussin, she sold her ring and overhauled the entire home.

In April, “Whiskey” singer Jana Kramer filed for divorce from Mike Caussin. The couple was married for six years, and their relationship saw its fair share of issues during that time. Eventually, however, the problems in the relationship outweighed the positives.

Kramer held on for as long she could, in part for the sake of the two children that she and Mike had together. But citing adultery, Kramer finally filed the papers.

“I’ve given everything I have, and now I have nothing else to give,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Now, Kramer is on the far side of the relationship’s worst. And she’s taking some major steps toward moving on.

Jana Kramer Walks Fans Through Her Renovations on Episode of Podcast

In a recent episode of her podcast, “Whine Down,” Kramer went into detail about what she did with the earnings from her wedding ring.

“I have redone pretty much my entire house,” Kramer said.

“I debated. I’m like, ‘I’m going to sell this ring and then maybe buy myself something.’ Like a bag, or my divorce present. And I was like, ‘Honestly, what would make me happiest is to have new energy in the house.’ So I took that money and then I gave it to [interior designer]. I said, ‘This is the budget, and redo the rooms.'”

Compared to selling a ring, selling a house is a hassle. But she needed a change of scenery. So she put the ring to the best use possible.

“I needed to create a new space that felt like me and felt like mine. So now, I have someone over right now painting the bar room. I’m going to make it this really cool, girlie wine bar. So that’s helped me a lot,” Jana Kramer continued.

It’s a big step for the country singer. She struggled with her environment for months before working up the courage to start feeling like herself again. We’re just glad she held onto the ring because that thing has gone a long way.