Jane Fonda Once Sang Back Up for Dolly Parton at the Grand Ole Opry and It Was Even Better Than You’d Imagine

by Emily Morgan

Jane Fonda and Dolly Parton couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds. Fonda came from Hollywood royalty, and Parton grew up in rural Appalachia. Yet, the two women forged a bond with one another that would go on to last decades.  

During an interview to promote her show’s new series, “Grace and Frankie,” Fonda spilled the beans on how she became friends with the “Jolene” singer.

When Fonda and her co-star Lily Tomlin dropped by The Late Late Show with James Corden, the two opened up about their experience working with the queen of country music. Let’s just say their stories did not disappoint. 

When speaking about her fondest memories with her friend, Fonda recalled going on a Nashville tour with the superstar to promote their film, 9-5. To kick off their Music City tour, they started out big by singing at the most hallowed stage in country music: the Grand Ole Opry. 

Jane Fonda’s Wild Tour With The Queen Of Country

During their time on stage, Fonda sang backup vocals for Parton. What’s even more bizarre is the audience did not have the slightest clue that Parton’s backup singer was actually Hollywood royalty. 

“They didn’t know who I was. I wouldn’t be here alive today if they did,” Fonda said. 

As Fonda tells it, things took a turn in the evening when they continued their tour by hopping on Parton’s tour bus. According to Fonda, Parton brought Fonda “at her cousin’s still in the Ozarks because she wanted me to know what really good white lightning was.”

Fonda explained that the moonshine was so good that Fonda chugged it down without a care in the world.

It seemed like Fonda was a fan of moonshine as she admitted she got drunk for ten days without knowing it. Carl Dean, Parton’s husband, even filmed that portion of the trip. To Fonda’s surprise, she realized she had no idea how drunk she was after looking at the footage. 

News of Parton appearing on an upcoming episode of Tomlin and Fonda’s show “Grace and Frankie” also coincides with their 40th anniversary of their release of 9 to 5.

“We worked so well together on 9 to 5,” Parton recalled. She added, “Jane is a sincere person, a very professional woman, and a special, special girl. She gave me a break on 9 to 5…and will always be special to me.”