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Jason Aldean Can’t Believe the Hilarious Amazon Purchases His Wife Made After a ‘Couple Bottles of Wine’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

It is an idea that is certainly outside of the (Amazon) box, but it’s probably the best Amazon purchase in the history of all Amazon purchases.

The squirrels at the Aldean household are living in style. Well, picnicking in style, at least, with some of the coolest squirrel picnic tables we have ever seen. Umbrellas and all!

According to a recent Instagram post, its a tale as old as time. Well, as old as the time since Amazon Prime has come about. It all starts with a glass or two of wine. And, before you know it, you are finding boxes of squirrel food and squirrel-sized picnic tables at your doorstep.

Has Jason Aldean’s Wife ‘Lost Her Mind’ – Or Is She Making the Worlds Best Squirrel Hangout?

Earlier this week, country music singer Jason Aldean shared a hilarious video to his Instagram account, detailing one of his wife, Brittany (Kerr) Aldean’s recent Amazon orders. This isn’t any order, either. This one contains some of the smallest – but functional – picnic tables we have ever seen. Picnic tables that are made to be perfectly squirrel-sized.

The video that country music superstar Jason Aldean posted to Instagram earlier in the week features a text overlay saying “My wife has lost her mind!” along with a squirrel emoji next to an eye-roll emoji.

As the video begins, we hear Jason Aldean say “So this is what happens when your wife has a “couple bottles of wine” before jumping on Amazon. The first few seconds of the clip show some boxes labeled Sweet Corn Squirrelog.

There are quite a few of these Sweet Corn Squirrelogs as the camera pans over the haul. Certainly, someone at the Aldean household has spring in mind as they prepare to set up some squirrel feeders. As the Got What I Got singer continues showing his Instagram followers what he found in the recent order, we begin to see what the plan is for these Sweet Corn Squirrelogs.

The Squirrels At Aldean’s Place Will Be Chowing Down In Style

As the video continues, we see four tiny picnic tables set out – each with a little folded umbrellas on top. Yes. These tiny squirrel-sized picnic tables include picnic umbrellas.

“So this, for you guys that don’t know is a squirrel picnic table,” Jason Aldean says on the Insta video as he demonstrates how the umbrella will sit atop the unique squirrel feeder.

“And you put some food in it,” the singer continues.

“And apparently they eat it,” Aldean adds. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Was It Really A Couple of Bottles Of Wine That Led To This Unusual Amazon Purchase?

As if this adorably hilarious Instagram post couldn’t get any adorable or hilarious, we get another glimpse into the Aldeans’ relationship when the country music star’s wife responds to the video in the comment section. The comment? A response to Aldean’s claim that it was a couple of bottles of wine that lead to the hilarious purchase for the squirrels.

“A couple bottles LMAOOO,” Aldean’s wife, Brittany, responds in the comment section. She finishes her comment off with a laughing face emoji. So, maybe it wasn’t a couple of bottles of wine that inspired Brittany Aldean’s purchase for the squirrels. Whatever the case, she’s certainly setting up a perfect little area for the fuzzy creatures to kick back and enjoy the good weather this summer!