Jason Aldean Celebrates Major Milestone With His Daughter in New Photo

by Thad Mitchell

Country music star Jason Aldean is off to a fast start in 2021 and even has big plans for a major tour later this year.

With all of his country music success, Jason Aldean, now 44-years-old, has more than a few reasons to celebrate. He is one of the top country music artists of all time and has the record sales to back it up. Since hitting the mainstream world of country music in the early 2000s, he’s been a force to reckoned with. Since that time, 22 of 35 singes he has put out have gone all the way to the top of country music charts. Jason Aldean has won his fair share of country music awards and even has three Grammy Award nominations to his credit. In other words, life and career are going pretty well for the heavily popular musician.

This weekend brought forth another reason for Jason Aldean and his family to rejoice as they watched their daughter receive her high school diploma. Aldean’s oldest daughter, Keely, made her father proud by graduating high school and is now on to big things. Proud of her accomplishment, Aldean took to social media on Saturday to share the news with his fans and followers.

“Hard to believe this kid graduated from high school tonight,” Jason Aldean says in the post’s caption. “Really excited to what the next chapter in life holds for her. Your future is what you make of it, so go get them, Keely. We love you!”

Jason Aldean’s post took in a lot of attention and several fans also congratulated Keely on her big accomplishments. Others point out how much the daughter favors her famous father.

“Imagine going to a family member’s graduation and Jason Aldean is just standing there,” and fans and Instagram poster says.

Jason Aldean made news earlier this month when he announced the dates of his upcoming “Back in the Saddle” tour. Like most every other country artist, he is eager to get back on the road after the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed 2020 touring plans. The tour expects to kick off this summer with concert dates well into the fall months. The “Back in the Saddle” tour will begin on August 5 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The closing date is set for October 30 in Tampa, Florida. Tickets for the “Back in the Saddle” tour went on sale earlier this week.