Jason Aldean Facing Backlash For Not Wearing Mask at Disney Theme Park

by Jacklyn Krol
Terry Wyatt, Getty Images

Jason Aldean is facing backlash after not wearing a face mask at Disney World.

The Tweet From Jason Aldean

“Perfect day with my whole crew today @WaltDisneyWorld,” he wrote. “There is Nothing like seeing ur [sic] kids’ faces when u [sic] walk in that place.”

See the tweet and photo, below.


Disney World Policies

Although they seemingly just took their face masks off for the picture, it posed a bigger problem. Every fifteen minutes a public service announcement plays over the loudspeaker that reminds visitors to not remove their face masks, even for images.

Additionally, there are signs throughout the park that remind people about their face mask rule. “Guests not properly wearing an approved face mask will be asked to leave,” it reads.

According to Disney’s website, face masks need to be worn at all times aside from eating or drinking while sitting down at their dining locations while being socially distanced.

Their website also revealed that only certain face masks are acceptable. Each face mask must have ties or ear loops and be made with at least two layers of material. Thirdly, they must cover the entire nose and mouth while securing under the chin. Finally, it must fit snuggly to the side of the face.

Visitors have caught Disney cast members asking people to put on their face mask properly and when taking images without them. Furthermore, there have been instances of unruly guests who have been asked to leave for refusing to wear one.

The Reactions

Numerous users shared the signage that is seen throughout the theme park. While other users asked why they were above the rule. One fan pointed out that others have been asked to leave the park for the same reason.