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Jason Aldean’s Family Pet Chameleon ‘Elvis’ Unexpectedly Dies

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum)

The Aldean family went through phases of shock, joy, and heartbreak all in one fell swoop today. They believed their pet chameleon, ‘Elvis,’ was a male, until it began producing eggs.

Elvis, who they then decided to call ‘Elvira’, almost immediately began having complications during the delivery process. When one egg became stuck, the chameleon’s health deteriorated until Jason and his wife Brittany made the difficult decision to put Elvira down. Brittany kept her fans updated on her social media in real-time.

[H/T: Taste of Country]

In one Instagram story, she shares “one egg still lodged in her, so she just wasn’t able to pass it.” Brittany delivered the sad news to her fans saying, “Apparently in their little bodies it’s just too much.” She later updated the fans saying, “the humane decision was to put her down today.” According to Brittany Aldean’s Instagram story, ‘Elvira’ suffered from a prolapsed cloaca and as a result, could not recover.

The Aldean Animal Loving History

‘Elvira’ joined the family in August; the Aldean family believed it was male. The chameleon had only been around for a couple of months when the tragic birthing incident occurred. The animal-loving family experienced a devastating loss, despite the humane decision.

She told the truth about her attachment to animals, as the Aldean family has quite a history of animal rescue.

They currently have an ongoing relationship with Proverbs 12:10 Animal Shelter along with several other Nashville country music couples. The Aldean’s are currently winning the fundraising couple competition over Caroline and Luke Bryan, Nicole and Luke Combs, among several others.

The Aldean pair has raised over $13,000 for the animal shelter. The animal-loving family will likely invite another pet into their home soon following the loss of Elvira.