Jason Aldean on Georgia Winning National Championship: ‘How Sweet It Is’

by Samantha Whidden

On Tuesday (January 11th), country superstar Jason Aldean took to his Instagram account to celebrate the Georgia Bulldogs to win the 2022 National Championship.

In the post, which features a promo snapshot of the Georgia Bulldogs as the National Champions, Jason Aldean declares, “After all this time, How sweet it is!! Congrats!”

Jason Aldean previously took to his social media account to share his thoughts about the Georgia Bulldogs going head-to-head against fellow SEC team, Alabama, for the National Championship game. “It’s been 42 years since my boys [Georgia Bulldogs] won a National Championship. Hopefully, tomorrow is finally our time. I’m not gonna be able to sleep for sh— [tonight].”

Although he’s dedicated to the Georgia Bulldogs, Jason Aldean’s wife, Brittany, supported Alabama during the game. In a post on Monday, Brittany shared a hilarious video from 2018. “Here we go again!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!” Brittany declared. She also used the “house divided” hashtag. 

Jason Aldean Previously Spoke About Georgia Bulldogs Loss in the 2018 National Championship Against Alabama 

Following Georgia losing to Alabama at the 2018 National Championship, Jason Aldean spoke about the loss. “That was rough man,” Aldean stated during his appearance at The Bobby Bones Show. “I went to the game and obviously as a Georgia Bulldog fan, we were all super excited for the game and excited to be there.”

Aldean then stated it’s been a long time since the Georgia Bulldogs won the championship game. “Thirty-seven years or something since we’ve been to that game. It was fun, I had a good time. And it was a good game. It was a little bit of a heartbreaker at the end. But it was just a great year for us and fun to be there.”

In 2012, Aldean and fellow country singer Luke Bryan discussed football and of course, the Georgia Bulldogs. “Tailgating is college football,” Aldean stated. “It’s Saturdays grilling, drinking beer, chips, and friends. In the Southeast, football is religion. It’s an excitement unlike anything else.”

Although he is a huge fan, Aldean also has a history with the University of Georgia. The country singer actually played the first-ever concert at the University of Georgia’s Sanford Stadium. More than 60,000 fans were in the stadium during the show. He performed his hit single Dirt Road Anthem with Ludacris. 

Speaking about the experience, Aldean shared, “Growing up, I was a big fan. For anybody from this state or a fan of this team, that [stadium] is like a church. To walk in and see my stage in the end zone, I’m sitting there thinking to myself ’When did it get like this?’ I think we’ve got 50 trucks here for this week. It’s ridiculous.”