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Jason Aldean Says New ‘Trouble With a Heartbreak’ Music Video Has ‘Yellowstone’ Vibes

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for SiriusXM and Pandora)

Like most of us Outsiders, Jason Aldean is a huge Yellowstone fan. His latest music video has some vibes from the Taylor Sheridan show.

While the setting isn’t Montana, Aldean does have a western location and feel to his new video. It came out back on January 14. Trouble with a Heartbreak is another heart-aching love song from the country singer. He has a new album coming out later this Spring and this will be one of the singles from that project it seems.

The production on the video looked like quite a job. Jason Aldean took to his Twitter account to show off some behind-the-scenes clips. He also wanted to just introduce the video to folks out there that might have not heard the song yet. Plus, the shoutout to the Kevin Costner-led series. Check out the video below and see for yourself.

“We are on the set of my newest music video,” Aldean says in the Vegas sand. “A song called Trouble with a Heartbreak. Right outside of Las Vegas. [We’re] going to have a bit of a Yellowstone vibe for any Yellowstone fans out there. Got a couple of horses out here. Out here with dry lake bed, mountains in the back. Hope you guys like it, new song coming at you, Trouble with a Heartbreak.

Last year, Jason Aldean ended the year with a number one song. His duet with Carrie Underwood If I Didn’t Love You rode the charts for a while. So, there is reason to believe that he could do the same thing with this song. Or, perhaps there will be another hit from his upcoming album GEORGIA. He was happy about the latest college football championship.

Jason Aldean is All About Georiga

When it comes down to it, Jason Aldean is a Georgia boy at heart and it shows in most things that he does. Of course, with his new album being titled GEORGIA he makes it pretty plain to see. From Macon to Nashville, he stays true to those roots.

Like most folks from Georgia, he has had quite a year in sports. In 2021, the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in baseball. Aldean and the rest of the Braves faithful celebrated, finally breaking the “championship curse” that many thought had plagued the city and state. So, when the Bulldogs took down Nick Saban and Bama in the CFP title game, it was a big night.

“How sweet it is,” Jason Aldean said in a post after the game.

If he can make this upcoming album release as successful as those in the past, then he will have even more to celebrate. Naming your album after the state you’re from is a big deal. So, we expect Aldean to deliver for his fans.