Jason Aldean Opens Up About New Albums ‘Macon’ and ‘Georgia’

by Taylor Cunningham

Jason Aldean sat down to talk about his two upcoming albums titled Macon and Georgia today. In a video, he explained that the projects took him back to his hometown roots. He was born and bred in the small southern namesake town. And its wholesome charm was “burned into” him from the very start.

Macon, which holds Jason Aldean’s much-loved duet with Carrie Underwood, will be the first release. And that is slated to drop on November 12th. Georgia will be available on April 22nd. By the time the final album is available, we will be 30 new Aldean hits.

” [Aldean] runs the gamut from straight-up stadium rockers to bluesy barstool ballads, peppered with modern embellishments and all the chest-thumping small-town pride his fans have come to crave,” said album producer Michael Knox in a press release.

Jason Aldean’s New Albums Pay Tribute to Macon, Georgia’s ‘Small Town Vibes’

Now that Macon’s release is just over a month away, Jason Aldean wanted to explain why he chose to name his 10th and 11th studio albums after his hometown.

The “little” southern town actually has a huge musical past. Big names such as Otis Redding and the Allman Brothers came out of Macon, GA. And because of that, the area influenced the singer’s craft.

“I kinda always felt like where I grew up and where I was from, ya know, had such a big impact on me as a person and a really big impact on music,” he said. “I mean, growing up there it was a hotbed for music. For me, it sorta shaped my music and things that I like to sing about.”

Those “things” he talking about are memories from his teenage years. And everything that made growing up in Macon wonderful. So Jason Aldean’s tracks hold a lot of nostalgia.

“Me and my friends, we were like every other teenager,” he said. “We’d go out and try to score some beers somewhere and go ride around and try to get into a little trouble but just enough to where you didn’t get caught.”

Watch Jason’s entire video on Macon and Georgia below.

“My little hometown of Macon was heavily instrumental in my musical background,” he captioned. “Growing up in an environment that was a crossroads between Country music, Southern rock, blues, and R&B, it was just natural to blend different sounds in my own way.”