Jason Aldean Performs ‘Fly Over States’ Duet with ‘American Idol’ Contestant Caleb Kennedy

by Thad Mitchell

Country music superstar singer and songwriter Jason Aldean made a special guest appearance on the most recent edition of American Idol.

It was a night for the top 24 American Idol contestants to prove their worth by performing with some of the biggest names in music. Chesney was on hand to perform a duet with one of the youngest contestants the hit show has seen. South Carolina native Caleb Kennedy is only 16-years-old but is one of this season’s favorites on the reality talent show.

Jason Aldean was on hand to assist the Dorman High School students with his opportunity of a lifetime. The duo did a terrific rendition of Aldean’s hit song “Fly Over States” together to the delight of the audience.

“Miles and miles of pure AM/FM country vibes from Jason Aldean and Caleb Kennedy,” the Instagram post says.

The social media post also lists three ways to vote for the young rising country star after his outstanding performance alongside Jason Aldean. The post took in more than 5,000 “likes” in a short amount of time after going live.

Jason Aldean Lends a Helping Hand to Contestant

Whether or not Caleb makes it to the next round is now up to American Idol watchers who decide the fates of contestants. Voters will trim the current 24-singer roster down to 16 contestants for the next round. Regardless of whether Caleb makes it further in the competition or not, he made a lifetime memory of performing with Jason Aldean.

Voting for the show’s most recent episode, airing Monday evening, was due to expire early Tuesday morning. Caleb will have a long week ahead of him as he won’t find out his fate until this Sunday. One thing is for sure and that is he’s made a forever fan in Jason Aldean.

Kennedy says he’s a big fan of Jason Aldean and often performs his songs at his own gigs around Spartanburg, South Carolina. He says he is trying to soak up every moment of the experience on the hit talent show.

“I tried to soak in every moment with his as best I could,” he says. “I couldn’t tell you what I was feeling in the moment because it was a lot of emotions. It was humbling and kind of, dang, I’m going to be singing with Jason Aldean, you know.”