Jason Aldean Reveals He’ll Do More Duets With Carrie Underwood If They Win a Grammy

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for ACM)

With his and Carrie Underwood’s hit single “If I Didn’t Love You” being up for Best Country Duo/Group Performance at the 2022 Grammy Awards, Jason Aldean reveals he’ll do more duets with Carrie Underwood if they win the award.  

While speaking about the single to Billboard, Jason Aldean said that when he first heard the track, he felt there was something different about it. “My biggest concern was could we get [Carrie Underwood] on the song? Because you never know if she is getting ready to drop a new single or something. And we just hit it where she had a little time.”

Jason Aldean then shared that once he and his team got Carrie Underwood on the song, he knew It would be something pretty big. The track made its debut in July 2021 at number 20 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

Last month, Jason Aldean and Carrie Underwood’s “If I Didn’t Love You” won Single of the Year at the 57th Academy of Country Music Awards. The single was also nominated for Musical Event of the Year and Music Video of the Year at that award show. 

In regards to working with Carrie Underwood for another duet, Jason Aldean declared, “If we win a Grammy for this song, Carrie’s going to be on every album. If that’s all it took for me to win a Grammy, we’re doing another song next time.”

“If I Didn’t Love You” is going to be on Jason Aldean’s tenth studio album Macon, Georgia. The album will be available in its entirety on April 22nd.

Jason Aldean Opens Up About Being Nominated for A Grammy 

As he continued his chat with Billboard, Jason Aldean spoke about what it really means to be nominated for a Grammy. “The Grammys are something as musicians, we put on a pedestal. That means everything. Hell, Luke Bryan’s never been nominated for one. If that tells you anything.”

Jason Aldean further explained that it’s so hard to get a Grammy nomination. It’s also hard to win a Grammy as well. “It could be something really mainstream doesn’t mean it’s going to win. So [‘If I Didn’t Love You’] to get attention like this means so much.”

Jason Aldean also said that being even nominated for a Grammy means so much to him. “After being in the game this long, it means a lot. Because it means we are still here. Recording things that are getting people’s attention.”

Carrie Underwood previously told Universal Music Group Nashville about the single and working with Jason Aldean. “When Jason and I recorded ‘If I Didn’t Love You,’ he had actually done a little bit of the groundwork on his own. Just to save some time. And then he came to the studio when I was putting in my part. So, there was a little bit of recording separately and some recording together.”