Jason Aldean Says His Son Memphis Has the ‘Music Bug’ in Adorable Concert Snap

by Katie Maloney
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

It’s no secret that Jason Aldean is a country music star. But what you may not know is that there may be another rising country music star in the Aldean family. While at a concert this weekend, Jason Aldean shared a photo of himself with Memphis sitting on his shoulders. Memphis is almost four years old. The two were getting ready to listen to some music together. Aldean wore a cut-off t-shirt. And Memphis wore a backward camo hat and adorable ear-protecting headphones.

Along with the photo, Aldean wrote, “Me and lil man jammin to @HardyMusic today before our show. I think he has the music bug! Get ready for Memphis Aldean in a few years people!!!”

Don’t Mess With Jason Aldean’s Kids

What would you do if someone insulted your kids on social media? We’re pretty sure we already know your answer. Nevertheless, we’ll tell you what Jason Aldean did. But first, let’s give the story a bit of context. Last year, Aldean shared a photo of his oldest daughter, Keeley, holding his youngest son, Memphis. Aldean captioned the photo “Bro and Sis!”

Many fans reacted positively with comments like, “He is adorable and your daughter is absolutely gorgeous.” And “Adorable children.” However, others didn’t respond so positively. In fact, some social media users trolled Memphis or having long hair. The negative comments, along with Aldean’s replies, have since been removed from the photo. But Country Cast was able to capture some of the thread before it was taken down. During a video posted in 2020, one of the hosts shared the details of the thread.

Apparently, the conflict started when a user commented on Aldean’s photo. He wrote, “Beautiful pic. But thought he was a girl. Are you sure you’re from Georgia?”

Aldean quickly replied, “Born and bred. Not sure what you meant by that comment but you might wanna (insert whooshing emoji here).”

But the commenter didn’t shoosh. Instead, he replied, “Boys don’t have long hair.”

That’s when Aldean apparently had enough. He wrote, “You are very much entitled to your opinion. But when you are talking about my child, I will come out swinging. So let’s agree to disagree and say no more.”

The response solidified Aldean’s status as a proud papa and a country music badass. Although the original thread has been deleted, you can still see fans’ positive reactions to Aldean standing up for his son. One user wrote, “People will be ignorant for sure. It’s your life and your business how you raise your kids and your choice how their hair is…If these people in this world are ok with how some things are worrying about how your child’s hair is that’s kinda silly. Worry about more important things in your life. Both of your kids are beautiful.”