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Jason Aldean Says ‘See Ya Down the Road’ in Emotional Post Mourning the Loss of Close Friend

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

On Wednesday (August 25th), country superstar Jason Aldean took to his Instagram account to share an emotional post while mourning the loss of his close friend, Ryan Fleming (also known as Rhino). 

“Thank you Rhino! See ya down the road one day bro. RIP 💔,” Jason Aldean wrote in the post, which features a snapshot of his friend at one of his concerts.

Earlier in the day, Jason Aldean opened up in a previous post about his friend’s passing. “I grew up with [him] in Georgia,” the country singer-songwriter writes. “He was a bouncer at our favorite bar in Macon when he was 18. Then went to work for the Sheriff’s dept. as he got older.”

Aldean also stated that his buddy Rhino was the person who pulled him off the stage during the Route 91 shooting. “[He] put his life in danger to take care of me and my crew. He was a good man and an even better friend.”

The country singer goes on to add that he and his crew will miss Rhino and thanked him for having his back throughout the years.

Jason Aldean Opens Up About How He Handles Criticism About His Personal Life

During a 2019 interview with People, Jason Aldean shared his thoughts about the criticism he has received about his personal life. This includes the end of his marriage to Jessica Ussery and his marriage to Brittany Kerr. 

“People are very opinionated about things they’re not really aware of,” Jason Aldean stated. He also said he’s not going to spend all of his time defending himself and his life decisions. “I am what I am. People that know me or know my situation, they actually know.”

Instead of worrying about other people’s opinions, Jason Aldean said criticism is a “good ingredient” for making music. He uses his album They Don’t Know as an example. 

“On this album, instead of focusing on all that other stuff that was going on for so long, everything is good and it made a world of difference for me,” Jason Aldean explained.

Aldean also opened up about his marriage to Kerr. “I’ll play songs for her, but it’s hard because she’s not a fan of a lot of the stuff I’m a fan of,” Aldean admitted. He then revealed that Kerr isn’t big into rock music, but more into hip hop, R&B, and pop stuff.  

Although they don’t really agree on music, Aldean and Kerr do agree on having children. The country star noted his wife would like at least one child. “I love kids and being a dad is one of the best things in the world for me.”

Aldean has two daughters from his previous marriage to Ussery.