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Jason Aldean Shares Hilarious ‘New Recipe’ He’s Working on for Thanksgiving

by Madison Miller
(Photo by Lyle A. Waisman/Getty Images)

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays with staple dishes on the table every year. From turkey to stuffing to mashed potatoes to macaroni and cheese to pumpkin pie, there are usually pretty few surprises. However, Jason Aldean may have the biggest surprise of all for his family this year.

The country superstar took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a Thanksgiving-themed meme that would make even the strongest of stomachs turn. The picture, which Aldean shared on his stories, shows a turkey with an octopus crawling out of it almost reminiscent of the iconic “Alien” chest burst scene.

The meme reads: “This thanksgiving add this new twist to the holiday meal…with the tur-what-the-f—en.” Aldean jokingly added his own commentary writing: “New recipe I’m workin on this year! Whatcha think?”

Aldean’s fans know it’s safe to say that the “Dirt Road Anthem” singer most likely has no plans for serving the special dish. Considering how frightened Aldean is of spiders, he almost certainly wants no part of dealing with an octopus.

Jason Aldean Family Thanksgiving Traditions

Last year, Aldean explained that in his household, duties of preparing the turkey fall on his shoulders. He revealed in an interview how he prefers to prepare the meat on Turkey Day.

“I usually cook the turkeys. That’s usually my contribution,” Aldean told Radio.com. “I deep fry. I’m from the South. That’s the only way we know how to eat ’em.”

In fact, Aldean says he has a handful of activities that make for the perfect Thanksgiving. While cooking, Aldean likes to enjoy an alcoholic beverage in addition to watching NFL football.

“It’s actually a really good combo. It works. It’s a good system,” Aldean said. “That’s kind of my thing: Eat, drink a little bit, watch football. It’s a pretty good combo. You should try it out.”

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, a number of other stars in the country music world are opening up about their family plans. Most recently, Tim McGraw dished on what he and Faith like to eat on Thanksgiving, hint: it’s not Turkey. Learn more here.