Jason Aldean Talks ‘Yellowstone Vibes’ of New ‘Trouble With a Heartbreak’ Video

by Hannah Heser

Jason Aldean is kicing off the new year with a Western-styled music video for Trouble With A Heartbreak. Since the music video recognizes cowboys everywhere, Aldean shares some further details.

In a recent Instagram post, Aldean said the official music video portrays some “Yellowstone vibes.” For any Yellowstone fans out there, you’re going to want to check this out.

In the caption of the post, Aldean said, “Any Yellowstone fans out there?! Go behind the scenes on the official music video set for my new single #TroubleWithAHeartbreak and check out the full video. Link in bio.”

In the clip, you’ll find the If I didn’t Love You singer singing and dancing along to his new song. Then, the music cuts out and the camera switches over to Aldean talking about the video.

“Hey, what’s up everybody? Jason Aldean here and we are on the set of my newest music video with a song called ‘Trouble With A Heartbreak.’ Right outside of Las Vegas, there’s a little bit of a Yellowstone vibe for any Yellowstone fans out there.”

By glancing at the comment section, you’ll see many fans expressing their excitement. For instance, one user said, “My favorite artist does it again!!” while another one added, “#1 on my playlist! Great song and video.”

Jason Aldean Admits He Doesn’t Believe the Life He’s Been Given Sometimes

Jason Aldean recently released his 10th record, Macon. But he didn’t stop at that record. His hometown inspired him to create a double album with the second half called Georgia. This is set to premiere later this year on April 22.

Last year, Aldean reflected on the place that raised him into who he is today. For instance, he shared a heartwarming message in an Instagram post. “Where you were raised has such a big influence on who you become,” he said.

Ultimately, many in the business say country music is written with three chords and the truth. And clearly part of Jason Aldean’s truth is how much he loves and appreciates his roots.

“I still can’t believe the life I’ve been given sometimes,” he added. “But I will always remember where it started and where I came from.”

Overall, Aldean admits that it’s hard choosing songs for an album. But given the number of albums he’s sold in the past, we’d say he does a good job of figuring it out.