Jason Aldean Teases Midnight Release of ‘Rolex on a Redneck’ Collaboration With Brantley Gilbert

by Jonathan Howard

Tonight is the big night when Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert release their new song Rolex on a Redneck for all to hear. The track is Gilbert’s and features Aldean. Over on Instagram fans are getting ready to hear the full song with a little snippet that the If I Didn’t Love You singer posted.

When Gilbert or Aldean drop new music, their fans are always ready to listen and support. They have such dedicated fan bases and this song seems to be striking some interest. Aldean has been riding a wave since his duet with Carrie Underwood. Will this be another big hit for the country singer?

Check out the small clip below and listen for yourself.

The two have been close and worked with one another on tours, and in the studio before. Now, an official collaboration between the two with both of their names, and vocals, on the track. Gilbert teased that the two had recorded a duet in the Spring of 2021. However, now we have a real song coming from the two and the title has definitely made some ears perk up.

These two have had some cool moments in recent days. Jason Aldean took home the iHeartRadio Country Song of the Year and Brantley Gilbert was the grand marshal for the NASCAR race in Atlanta last weekend, and now they have a release coming up. Aldean shared the honor with Underwood of course. And, Gilbert gave a spirited “Start your engines” command. Now Rolex on a Redneck is almost upon us.

Jason Aldean Celebrates Song of the Year Award

iHeartRadio gave Aldean and Underwood some great news with the Country Song of the year award. Their duet If I Didn’t Love You went to No. 1 on the country music charts and had a lasting impact. They have performed the song together at just about every awards show since it came out and Aldean is so thankful.

“Thank you so much to my team for working this song and making it such a big song for us this year,” Aldean said. “All the stations at iHeart that played this song, thank you guys so much. The fans, my family, my wife [Brittany]; we just celebrated our event anniversary yesterday, I love you bby. My kids, Keeley, Kendyl, Memphis, Navy at home, I love you guys. My producer, Michael Knox, who cut an unbelievable record on this song. Thank y’all so much and it’s been a huge year. The fans, thank you, I love you guys.”

If this new track has half the success as If I Didn’t Love You I think both artists would take that. Fans sure are ready for this release.