Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Shares Hysterical Video of Daughter Navy: ‘One of a Kind’

by Taylor Cunningham

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany is always giving an adorable peek into the Aldean family life on Instagram. And we love it. In her latest post, Brittany shared a video of her daughter enjoying dinner. And the little girl is “one of a kind,” just like her superstar dad.

Jason Aldean’s youngest child, Navy, has all the charisma and charm needed to follow in the footsteps of her Grammy Nominated Father. In fact, she gets a lot of face time on her mom’s social media accounts for that very reason. And according to her mom’s most recent post, she even makes mealtime interesting.

“This child is one of a kind 100%,” her mom captioned.

In the video, we first see Navy’s older brother enjoying some macaroni and cheese with a side of french fries. Then, the proud parents pan over to Navy. She’s wearing a princess dress and a pair of goggles while chowing down.

“Listen to your inner voice,” Jason Aldean says in the background. Perhaps the best part is that Navy clearly doesn’t think her antics are a big deal. She owns her style just as she should.

Jason Aldean’s Wife, Brittany, Dress Up and Imitate Him in Hilarious Video

It seems that Jason Aldean’s daughter isn’t the only jokester in the family. Back in May, his wife Brittany took to Instagram to pose as her famous husband. And it appears she knows the Amarillo Sky singer quite well.

According to The Boot, Aldean came home after a long day of making his Nashville fans swoon—and he was greeted by himself. Brittany was waiting for him all decked out in a brown button-down shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, and boots. She was channeling her husband’s style perfectly. 

Brittany also knew Jason’s Aldean’s signature moves well, and she showed them off while pretending to play the guitar and dancing to She’s Country in the basement of the couple’s Nashville home. 

At first, Jason looked stunned to see his wife impersonating him. But by the end, he was bursting into laughter. 

Back in January, Brittany sat down for an exclusive interview with Outsider. And while she was chatting, she admitted that she was looking forward to being back on the road with her country crooning husband. Apparently, she was so excited by the thought of watching Jason Aldean perform again that she decided just to become him. 

“So this is what I came home to today,” he captioned. “She ain’t country but she’s craaaaaazy shoot!!”