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Jason Aldean Wishes His Dad a Happy Birthday: ‘Best Paw Paw U Can Ask For’

by Jennifer Shea
David Becker/Getty Images

Country star Jason Aldean has carved out a successful music career, but he hasn’t forgotten who made it all possible.

Jason Aldean Posts On a Special Day

“Happy bday to my pops today,” Aldean posted to Instagram Thursday. “Best dad and Paw Paw u can ask for. Love u dad!”

Meanwhile, alongside that message, Aldean posted a picture of his father walking along a pristine beach.

Aldean has said it was his father who got him into music. His dad also helped him become an outsider. In a promo for Field & Stream, Aldean and his pops discussed their family’s outdoor traditions. They talked about strategies to keep warm in the great outdoors and Aldean’s first hunting trip, after which, his father said to Aldean, “I was probably just as excited as you were.”

Aldean’s father, Barry Williams, is also a fierce defender of his son’s talents. In 2014, when Aldean failed to secure a CMA Awards nomination, Williams took to Facebook to vent his disgust with the organization.

His Son’s Biggest Fan

“Ok, somebody help me out here,” the proud papa posted. “We have a country artist who has had at least a dozen number one singles, is the most downloaded country artist of all time, consistently sells out stadiums, has broken attendance records set by George Strait, Kenny Chesney, and even Paul McCartney. Yet he doesn’t even get one nomination for the CMA awards this year.” 

“He has been consistently shunned by the Academy the last couple of years when it was obvious that he was deserving of the Entertainer of The Year Award, based on statistics, not popularity of the Academy,” Williams continued. “This current failure to recognize Jason for his accomplishments only furthers my opinion that the CMA’s are a joke and a farce. I don’t want this to sound like ‘sour grapes’, but the statistics should speak for themselves.”

Aldean is trying to pass his father’s love of the outdoors down to his kids. He has said that getting them involved in the outdoors is really important to him.

“No matter how bad you want them to not sit there with an iPad, sometimes it’s inevitable,” Aldean told People in 2016. “At the same time, you can keep it to a minimum by getting them outside and taking them fishing or even just walking around. You have to make it a point to get them off the couch and almost force them to go outside. It makes them realize there’s some pretty cool things out there if you open your eyes up and look around a little bit.”

Here’s hoping Williams gets to spend his birthday outdoors. Maybe somewhere as beautiful as that beach from Aldean’s picture.