Jason Aldean’s Wife Opens Up About Why ‘It’s Not Easy’ Being Married to a Country Superstar

by Jacklyn Krol

Brittany Aldean admitted that being married to a country superstar, Jason Aldean, can be difficult.

On Thursday, August 12, Brittany held a Q&A on her Instagram Stories. One fan questioned what it was like to be married to a celebrity. She admitted that it has been a struggle, especially at first.

“Not easy for me,” she began. “I’m WAY better about it now but when I met Jason it was a whirlwind. The pictures, videos … it was all so new to me.”

Over time, things have gotten easier for her and Jason Aldean.

“Over the years, people have become cooler to us/me which I’m thankful for,” she added. “But for a while … Whew!!! It was hard. I will say, it takes someone special to be with someone in the public eye.”

Brittany And Jason Aldean’s Family Life

In an interview with Outsider, Brittany spoke candidly about their family. The couple recently taught their children, 2-year-old Navy, and 3-year-old Memphis, how to fish.

“It was kind of a disaster,” she admitted. “But it was fun, Memphis actually caught his first fish and he was just so happy. But it’s hard to keep them out of the water… it’s a lot of moving pieces when you have babies fishing. It was fun and I think that’s what makes the memories.”

She also shared a photo and video clip of the moment on her social media. “Jason and I love getting outdoors and spending time with the kids,” she wrote.

This past year, they were able to get on a schedule with their children. They stayed home the majority of the pandemic and spent time with one another.

Along with the two babies, Jason has 13-year-old Kendyl and 17-year-old Keeley from his first marriage to Jessica Ussery. “I think his older girls… we’re kind of on a schedule with them,” she shared. “So they do get to see us more, we’re not on the road as much, so that’s nice.”

She believes that both the dogs and kids enjoyed their time at home. Jason Aldean was able to witness a lot of firsts.

“Typically how it was going before when they were super little, the schedule was a rollercoaster. It was like, ‘We may be here this weekend then we’re gone.’ Then we’re here and then in another state. So I think having some sort of normalcy for them is nice,” she shared.

Parenting Styles

When it comes to parenting styles, they’re both polar opposites.

“We parent very differently, he’s definitely the disciplinarian,” she told PopCulture. “I am the sucker, but it’s nice to just see him, he’s a sucker for those girls. They could do no wrong. So he says he treats them all equally but that’s not really, he’s a little harder on Memphis.”