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Jason Isbell Potentially Calls Out Major Country Artists with Response to Nashville’s COVID-19 Regulations

by Charles Craighill
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

In a recent Tweet in response to Nashville’s holiday COVID-19 regulations, Jason Isbell seems like he called out major country artists. Nashville made the decision to ban all gatherings of more than 8 people. With coronavirus cases spiking as the holidays approach, the decision, unfortunately, needed to be made. For many families with over eight family members, however, this severely throws a wrench in their holiday plans.

Jason Isbell’s tweet in response to this news seemed to be a dig at popular country artists.

“Damn,” he writes. “I guess this means there wont be many new hit country songs written.”

Perhaps he suggests that many hit country songs rely on a party kind of atmosphere. Maybe he implies that many popular country artists are not following protocol. After all, the CMA Awards ceremony (which Isbell openly disliked) had many of the industry’s top producers in the same room with no masks. It’s difficult to tell for sure what Jason Isbell is trying to say, but the tone seems to be glaringly disapproving.

Jason Isbell Clapbacks

This isn’t the first time Isbell has thrown disses out recently. After the CMA Awards Ceremony, Jason Isbell and his wife, Amanda Shires, Tweeted that they would return their lifetime memberships. The couple cited the Associations failure to pay tribute to, or even mention legends who died this year. These legends include John Prine and Billy Joe Shaver, with whom both Isbell and Shires had very close relationships. Furthermore, Isbell took personal offense to the Association’s lack of appreciation for Prine, as he died of COVID-19 earlier in the year.

After his beef with the CMA Award Ceremony, he also misspelling his name. In a news headline, itclaimed “John Isbell, Amanda Shires ‘return’ CMA memberships due to lack of tributes to John Prine, others.”

Someone brought this up in a Tweet, to which Isbell replied, “Somebody at Fox news been listening to Panic y’all.” This nodded to Widespread Panic lead singer and guitarist, John Bell.