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Jason Isbell Promises Album of Covers if Joe Biden Wins Georgia

by Atlanta Northcutt
(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Folk-country artist, Jason Isbell, is teasing fans with the promise of a cover album of Georgia songs if Joe Biden wins Georgia.

The four-time Grammy award winner is looking forward to recording a cut of covers of his favorite songs about Georgia. Jason’s showing support for Biden, and all profits from the album will go to charity.

Support of Biden for President

New Cover Album or Not?

Jason ended his tweet with “damn is that going to be fun.” Isbell obviously has hope in Biden winning Georgia, as well as the overall election. He’s looking forward to cutting the new album with his favorite songs about Georgia if Biden wins.

Isbell tweeted he would be covering classic Georgia-based songs from bands including REM, Gladys Knight, and the Allmans. However, he’s also looking to covering newer music by Cat Power, Precious Bryant, and Overhead.

As of Friday morning at 9:05 CT, Biden has gained a small lead over Trump in Georgia. However, don’t get your hopes up for the new cover album yet because ballots are still being counted.

Georgia is known for being a “red” state and has been so for many years. However, this election is one for the record books with Georgia turning blue with Biden taking the lead.

Fan Reactions

People on Twitter are expressing excitement and requesting different songs and musicians Isbell should cover in the album.

One fan replied to Jason’s tweet to express hope for the album and love for the singer/songwriter. He was met with a surprising response from Jason saying “I love you too”.

About Isbell

Isbell is a previous member of Drive-By-Truckers, but has become best-known for his solo career and collaborating with his band, Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit.

Depending on if Biden wins Georgia, a new cover album by Isbell may be coming soon.