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Jason Isbell Shares Adorable Story About His 5-Year-Old Calling Johnny Cash a ‘Great Singer’

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by Mickey Bernal/Getty Images)

Jason Isbell has no problem keeping his fans laughing. On Monday, the singer tweeted a hilarious moment he shared with his 5-year-old daughter, Mercy Rose.

“We were listening to the song “All I Do Is Drive” and the 5-year-old says “Johnny Cash is a great singer.” And I said “Yea ma’am he sure was.” And she says “and now he’s a truck driver.”

This isn’t the first time Isbell has mentioned the country legend. In 2019 he showed his love for Cash in a tweet.

“Thinking of Johnny Cash on his birthday. I was thinking of him yesterday too. Likely will be thinking of him tomorrow.”

Roseanne Cash Supportive of Jason Isbell’s Departure from Country Music Association

Isbell and his wife, Amanda Shires, decided to exit the association when it failed to honor certain country music artists who passed away this year. The association excluded honoring late artists such as John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, and Billy Joe Shaver at the 2020 CMAs.

On Twitter, Isbell posted a photo of he and his wife’s Country Music Association’s “Lifetime Membership” cards and described why he ultimately chose to leave. He concluded by tweeting, “I doubt anybody will care, but we cared a lot about our heroes.”

The fondness goes both ways it seems as Roseanne Cash was quick to show her support of the couple.

Roseanne Cash supported Isbell’s departure when she replied to the tweet. Cash added in, saying that the association failed to mention her friend and country music star, Jan Howard.

Fans didn’t let any of the tweets go unnoticed. Many shared the disappointment in the event’s lack of remembrance for the late stars. One user writing, “Guess it’s time to start a ‘real country music’ association.”

In a recently deleted tweet, Sturgill Simpson also commented on the lack of acknowledgment. Without reservation he wrote, “[I] wouldn’t be caught dead at this tacky a— glitter and botox cake & c— pony show even if my chair had a morphine drip. I just wanted to see if they would say his name but nope.”