Jason Isbell Tells Emotional Story About Crossing Paths with Michael K. Williams After the Actor’s Death

by Jonathan Howard

In the hours following the announcement of Michael K. Williams’ death, there have been thousands of messages. Jason Isbell shared his own. The country music artist shared an old memory he had of the late actor.

Earlier today, Williams was announced deceased at his Brooklyn, NY home. He was 54 years old.

Truly, there are those artists, actors, and others that appear larger than life. Even for someone of Isbell’s status, those awestruck moments can happen. His story sounds so familiar, especially if you have ever been in a similar situation.

“I crossed paths with Michael K. Williams once in New York and I was too nervous to say hello,” Isbell’s message started, “so I walked around the block trying to work up the nerve and still couldn’t do it. Just loved his work so much. This news is so sad.”

Truly, the news is very sad. Michael K. Williams had solidified himself as a great actor. His work as Omar Little on The Wire is credited with making the show such a success. Still, 13 years after the final season, there are new fans watching the show for the first time. Of course, there are the diehards that have watched the series more times than they can count, too.

Jason Isbell: Michael K. Williams “A Genius”

The touching story that Jason Isbell shared showed just how revered Michael K. Williams was. With his signature scar down his face, the actor captured the hearts and imaginations of millions. After getting his first big role in Tupac Shakur’s Bullet. His scar opened doors in the modeling and film industries.

Of course, there have been a ton of dedications and memories shared on social media. Fans, actors, singers, friends, and more have shared their thoughts. Isbell continued with the praise of Williams in a second tweet. It provided a great summary and tribute to the late actor.

“I don’t get star-struck but I do get genius-struck, and that man struck me as a genius,” the tweet read. Many would agree with that sentiment.

The Late Michael K. Williams

Earlier today it was reported that the actor had passed in his penthouse in Brooklyn. His nephew reportedly found him in the living room. When law enforcement went through the home, there was drug paraphernalia. At the moment, there has not been an official cause of death announced. However, drug overdose is expected.

At just 54-years-old, Williams had a lot left to do in his career. His work on not just The Wire, but on various HBO programs over the years defined his career. Over the years, his work has stood strong over the years. It is a tragedy that he passed so early. He will be missed by fans, family, and friends for years to come.