Jason Isbell Tells Hilarious Story About Mayonnaise Jar Signed by Chris Stapleton

by Jon D. B.

The story comes courtesy of what has to be a highlight of the friendship between musicians Jason Isbell and Chris Stapleton.

Want to get excellent short stories out of country stars on Twitter? Apparently, all you have to do is come up with a killer prompt! The latest viral trend is accomplishing just that, too. Indeed – Twitter’s latest question-based challenge, cooked up by sports fan Elizabeth Ann Lowder, is a doozy.

Lowder gets her viral thread going by asking fellow users to “quote tweet this with a mundane experience you’ve shared with someone who is more famous than you (but you obviously have enough chill to leave it out of your Twitter bio).”

And musician Jason Isbell answers her call with a fantastic little story about country superstar Chris Stapleton.

“Once I was out of Duke’s mayonnaise and Chris and Morgane brought me some, so I made Chris sign the jar,” Isbell responds. “Now I have an empty mayonnaise jar signed by Chris Stapleton.”

The rest of the story is a gem, as well, which you can read below the original tweet.

“My dad finished the jar making a ham sammy then he threw it away and I was like “Dad, that mayonnaise jar was signed by Chris Stapleton” and my dad says “Oh my god! Nashville!” Then took off running to dig it out of the trash,” recounts the musician.

Followers of the colorful Jason Isbell expect such antics from him – but his father sounds every bit as entertaining, too. The apple must not have fallen far from the tree!

How Does Jason Isbell Know Chris Stapleton, Anyway?

Look, we’re all thinking it – and it’s the nature of the viral twitter challenge: to tweet a story about someone more famous than you, right? So how does cross-genre sensation Chris Stapleton know… well… Jason Isbell?

Sharp country fans will know that the two performed four sold-out nights at the Mother Church of Country Music: The Ryman Auditorium. Together, the duo headlined the brilliant string of Nashville, TN performances together in October of 2015. The two, as it turns out, have been friends for quite some time. Their friendship led to their sold-out string of Ryman shows. The four-night-only engagement, Jason Isbell With Chris Stapleton In Concert, was a smash success.

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