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Jerry Lee Lewis’ Son Reveals Nearly 50 Years of Rock Icon’s Legacy Was Removed From the Family’s Mississippi Ranch

by Samantha Whidden
Jerry Lee Lewis
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Less than a month after he was told to vacate the Mississippi ranch that belonged to his father Jerry Lee Lewis, the singer and songwriter’s son revealed that he and his family have officially turned over the keys to the property. 

During a property battle, it was revealed that Jerry Lee Lewis purchased the property. However, his long-time friend and former manager Cecil Harrelson had signed the property deed. This was to ensure that the ranch was protected in the event of a run-in with the IRS. 

“[Lewis] wanted to protect the ranch, but he also wanted to reward my dad,” Harrelson’s daughter Mary Jean Ferguson explained. “My dad was loyal to him. He worked for him for a number of year. He helped negotiate contracts, worked in the role of a manager.”

Following her father’s death in 2013, Ferguson stated that Lewis was able to stay on the property until he himself passed away. “He had the right to live there until he passed away,” she said. A couple of months after Lewis’ death, she and her siblings evicted Lewis’ son and his family from the property. They then put it up for sale in early January 2023. 

In a statement to Fox Business, Jerry Lee Lewis III revealed that he and his family have left the property for good. “Nearly 50 years of the Jerry Lee Lewis legacy was removed from the property on Malone Rd. yesterday when we handed over the keys to our family home.”

Jerry Lee Lewis III Confirmed That His Father’s Property Was Officially Sold 

Along with revealing that his family turned into the ranch’s keys, Jerry Lee Lewis III stated that the property has officially been sold. 

“The place where I grew up is no longer our home and our Dad’s legacy,” Lewis explained. “It’s now a property that will, unfortunately, be sold off without our input or decisions and contrary to my understanding of my father’s wishes.”

Lewis then said there was so much to do to continue his father’s legacy. “We are leaving this in the past and focusing on the future,” he noted. “Many great things to come.” 

It was further confirmed that before the estate was sold, there were no discussions about price with Jerry Lee Lewis’ son. Mary Jean issued a statement about the situation. “This number is misleading and gives the impression that there have been discussions regarding purchase price,” she stated. “Which have not taken place.”

Jerry Lee Lewis’ son previously shared that his father revealed more details about what would happen when he passed away. “I feel like he told me that for dang near my entire life,” he explained. “And I still don’t feel like he prepared me for what I’m going through right now.”