Jessie James Decker Glows in Adorable Family Picnic Photos: ‘A Magical Time’

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Jessie James Decker is glowing in her most recent family snapshot. The country star shows that spending time with those you love definitely is a good look.

In the photo she posted on Instagram, Jessie James Decker is hugging her adorable daughter, Vivianne Rose. They’re sitting on a pristine green lawn. The two were at a family picnic. She captioned the photo:

“Such a magical time last night. Thanks for including us.” And she tagged her sister, Sydney Rae Bass. Her sister replied: “So much fun!”

It’s Definitely a Wonderful Time for Jessie James Decker

It’s definitely a wonderful time to be Jessie James Decker. The mother of three who loves to share her life’s details recently released Should Have Known Better. And she was so excited about the song that she sat in her car with husband Eric until she heard it on the radio for the very first time. Someone tipped her off that it might be played on Sirius XM The Highway. So she waited, then recorded her response.

Jessie James Decker definitely was overwhelmed when she heard her own voice blasting through the car’s stereo system. “Why, I’m crying? This is stupid,” she says on a video clip. She’s got tears in her eyes, so she wipes them away,

Then Eric, her husband, tells her “You’re back, baby!” The country singer posted the clip to Instagram. She wrote: “Hearing this song for the first time on the radio brought such happy tears to my eyes! They told me it was possibly going to be played today between 10 and 11 and I just had this feeling I needed to go sit in my car after they played a Dan and Shay song, I don’t know why!! Intuition I guess!!!!

“Thank y’all so much for supporting me! I can’t wait to sing this song to you in person on tour next year!!!!!!!! I love you!!!”

Her New Single Hit No. 6 on Billboard

Fans of Jessie James Decker definitely love her back. Her new single was released Aug. 20. Should Have Known Better hit No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, while landing at No. 5 on iTunes. So far, it’s her highest-performing song of her 12-year career.

When she released the song, she said she knew her fans would love it.

“This song is for you!” wrote Jessie James Decker. “This song is to empower you when you roll those windows down and sing at the top of your lungs!! I’ve had my heart broken before, and I know you have. too.

“We all have at some point in our lives, whether it’s from a relationship ending or people trying to tear you down! This song is all about not letting that pain break you and coming out of it on the other side strong and confident!”

No wonder, she’s working on a glow.